The Designers Chic

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today was spent sticking close to my little tornado maker. We both took a mid-morning nap, she woke up shortly before 12 p.m but for some reason i was so tired and i couldn't make myself wake up on the couch. I just left her playing in the family room with me while i was on the couch and she on the floor. She was trapped in the family room since i made sure that the ottoman blocked her escape to the other rooms in the house. When i finally woke up i had such a big headache and felt miserable. To make matters worse we had a play date with a couple of Kayla's friends. I asked Ralph if we could have it tomorrow since i really didn't feel like it but Kayla has girl scout tomorrow. I just took Tylenol and hoped I'd be better and i was wrong. Until now i still have a throbbing headache and I'm afraid i may be coming down with something, i really hope not. The play date was a success though, the girls had fun i just didn't get a chance to take a picture since i was also busy making dinner. Were planning another one though but i hope it will be at Kelly's house.



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