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Saturday, December 5, 2009

DenTek Product Review

This is a product review for DenTek.

Ever since I was young I loved to floss. I hated getting food get caught in between my teeth. Back then I had no idea that a floss existed to I used thread before which was very very rough on my gum and made it bleed. Today, I have floss in every bathroom in our house and I even carry one in my bag. What I really liked about DenTek complete clean floss is that it doesn't get fuzzy coz it does not get snagged on the teeth. It reaches in between the teeth and its gentle on my gums. I have been trying this product ever since Thanksgiving and not once have my gums bleed. I even used the floss on my two year old daughter since I felt it would be gentler on her baby gums and teeth.The packages is great, its compact and see through. Like I expressed in my video I just hope they put more pepper mint or mint flavor in the floss itself. I have replaced the regular brand of floss that I carry in my bag and as soon I finish off all my old floss I'm getting this brand from now on.


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