The Designers Chic

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Having a Police Officer as a husband is not easy. I constantly worry about my husband when he is at work, I worry for his safety and his health. A cop's schedule is not really ideal, they usually work on a shifting schedule. That kind of schedule is brutal on their bodies. When he comes home from his graveyard shift I see the tiredness in his eyes. I try to help him undress and by golly, you would be surprise how heavy police belts are. With the guns, handcuffs,radio , keys, and the latest is the Taser gun they just got issued. I always get nervous when he tries to check on it, I wonder if s the Taser works the same as stun guns? I am just at peace now that we got a safe for his gun. That is the first thin he usually does when he is upstairs changing. Its a relief to know that is in a safe place that my kids cannot open and cannot play with. I feel bad for my husband that he has to work so much but I know he loves his job and that is the reason why he persevered in his line of work, for his passion.

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