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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Guest post written by Peter Crawford

While doing some independent research for HearingAidsReviews online several weeks ago, I decided to search for baseball gear for my twin grandsons, Justin and Matthew. They are growing up so fast and theyÕre already playing in the little leagues! Their parents have really given them the means to privately train with the best, and at this rate thy may one day be great enough to play baseball at a big university. I used to throw a baseball in the yard with the boys as soon as they were old enough to really throw, and for Christmas I couldnÕt think of any better gifts than ones that could help them with their sport.

They know their granddad spoils them by now. I got them fielding mitts, batters gloves, Nike cleats, etc. They got two Christmas packages that really excited them. I want them do great, if baseball is what they want to do. While I do love the support, I would support my grandsons in any of their life endeavors. They knew that their granddad is always in their corner, no matter what!


I am excited beyond reason this month. Why? I hope to be pregnant by the end of this month or at least within the next 3 months. On my last appointment to my OB-GYN we talked about our desire to have another baby and the difficulty why we have not been able to conceive. What can I say, I miss being pregnant. I miss having a huge belly, feeling the baby move inside of me, taking prenatal vitamins everyday, the never ending hunger and trips to the bathroom. The one thing I don't miss about being pregnant is the nausea and the throwing up. The first trimester was just horrible, it was like hell. The nausea was so bad that anything could trigger the constant trip to the bathroom to throw up. Lucky for me that around 4 months I got over it and I didn't look back after that. I was a happy camper without the nausea. Would my second pregnancy be the same,would my labor be faster, and will I have the twins I have been longing for? Keep checking back for updates.....


I love recieving gifts from my husband. Last Christmas was no exception, I could not wait to see what he got for me. Even though I kinda knew what he got for me I was still excited about it. My list only consisted of one thing, a KitchenAid. We have been a little tight on money and I understood that. When my husband started talking to me about what if he got me a stand mixer but not the KitchenAid I wanted. I admit, I was dissapointed but the practical part of me accepted it like a trooper. Christmas day came and sure enough I got my stand mixer but it was a Sunbeam instead of a KitchenAid. I was still happy about it for the simple reason that my husband got it for me. I wanted to try it out right away but to my dismay the box didn't come with a beater attachment. I had to call Sunbeam and ask them to mail me one. And after about 5-7 business day it came. My impression when I first used it is not at all good. It didn't mix my cookie batter well enough. When my husband came home that day I had to tell him that I want it returned so we can get a KitchenAid. He was gracious enough and didn't get upset, I also explained my reason for returning it. So hopefully within the next couple of days I will have returned it and bring home a new Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

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