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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Remembering childhood experiences when your older makes it more interesting and much more fun. As I got older my childhood memories seemed vague and unclear. I would only remember snippets and flashes of some of my most unforgettable happy moments when I was really young. After I had my daughter my memory has been kind of rusty, I still haven't recovered from pregnancy brain,lol...Its funny though when you have kids its like deja vu, you suddenly remember things with so much clarity and strong emotions with it. Last week before Kayla returned to her mommy she experienced her first bee sting. My poor big princess cried so much, it was mostly from fear than anything else. She got sting on the foot and would not let us touch her foot let along get the stinger. As rummaged through my huge handbag I finally found what I needed, a tweezers. As I brandished my trusted tweezers for all to see my big princess howl and cried with pain. I would not allow myself to fail, even with the crying I was focused on getting out that stinger. Her crying was all for nothing for she did not even feel when I took the stinger out. A spongebob band aid was her reward and a gum....

I remember those days when we play among the bees in my grandmothers garden. She kind of adopted the bees and let them stay in blooming flowery green garden. When the bees would come out we would run around and play as if it was nothing. I did get stung by a bee but only once. It was as if the bees knew who we were. I miss those days playing with my cousins with just about anything and nothing. Flowers and plants got ambushed by a bunch of kids that wanted to experiment on what fun things they could do with it. We did not destroy any plant though for we knew my grandmother loved them.

With my girls, I'm reliving my childhood everyday through their eyes and let me just say what a fun experience it is...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For my 31 st birthday last July 15, we got two puppies. I was totally caught off guard, why? We were suppose to get only one puppy but when we got to Angelo's house Ralph fell in love with the tan looking puppy. We knew that Ralph wanted the yellow lab but I wanted the black one. He just blurted out if we could get two puppies instead of one. I thought he was joking at first but the look on his face told me otherwise. Now, we have two 6 weeks old puppies that just got their first shots today. At least they are not as bad as I thought they would be. What I'm worried about though is the fleas. I saw a couple of fleas on the puppies and I just want to get rid of them before it spreads to our other pets. Since we got them we have given them two bath one was with the flea shampoo that my MIL had. I don't think its working though cause I still found one flea on one of the puppies. For me its very important to find the right dog shampoo. A shampoo that really works on getting rid of the fleas and most of all keeps the dog smell at bay. One of my pet peeves is dog smell and as much as possible I want our dogs smelling nice so our house won't stink like a dog. So the only solution I can think of is getting Dinovite dog shampoo that leaves dog smell cleaner longer, lathers good but is easy to rinse, contains 100 % therapeutic grade essential oils that is good for dogs, and most of all its a natural flea detergent. With all those added benefits what more could we ask for?



I has been a long time since Ralph and I have went out to eat, let alone on a date. With two kids and two new puppies we certainly have our hands full. Ralph and I would rather stay home with the kids and have fun in our own backyard. But sometimes its also good to have a special date out with our spouses. After we took the puppies to the vet, Ralph just surprised me for an impromptu lunch date. He asked his mom to watch the kids for a couple of houra so he could take me out to eat. It was so sweet of my husband to do that. I know we are tight on our budget but he insisted on taking me out. Off we went to our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant. We ate and talked, for once we were not in a hurry to leave.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


For St.Patrick this year I received a little something-something from IZEA. I got a green shamrock shirt, candies, pencil, card, lei and a BluFrog energy drink. At first it seemed out of sort that they sent me all green stuff but a couple to things stood out the blufrog energy drink. I made Ralph drink one and he said it tasted pretty good and he felt good all day long. No wonder he felt energized, it has more vitamins and minerals than most energy drinks. I still have one can left and maybe I should try it out and maybe it will help me stay in sync with my daughters boundless energy. The makers of Blufrog energy drink is having this huge contest where you get to win amazing prizes. The BluFrog contest is forking away a free trip to Chicago in time for the Lolalloza. What is it? Its only the world's famous music festival! Wow to be an audience and hear different music and beats would be very interesting. If your not into music they still have other great prizes to win, here are some of them:
  • BluGamer the Ultimate Gaming Package - Xbox360 Elite Gaming system
  • Happu Blu-Year : Trip to New York City on New Years Eve
  • Blu Streak - Win a Richard Petty Racing Experience
  • XtremeBlu - Win a Trip the the Winter X Games in Aspen
Now which among the coveted prizes would you like to win? Hey you wont win anything if you just sit there and read. Go check them out and join in the contest before it ends.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


This will be the newest addition to our family. Photo was taken July 1 when we visited my BIL Angelo for the day. The puppies have grown so much and they all looked so cute but my heart was stolen by this one black puppy. She had the biggest head among all the black puppies with the most adorable sad face. She looked at me and I knew we were going to end up having a puppy. It didnt help that Kaitlyn was all over the puppy. Ralph left the final decision to me since I am the master of the house,lol. If it it were not for Kaitlyn and Kayla and their love for a dog I would never consider getting one. It also helped that Labrador Retriever are excellent pets for families who have kids. I have seen the way Sam the puppies mommy acts around Kaitlyn.

July 18th is going to be the official day we will welcome this new addition to the family. I still worry about the dog smell and hair but since I know one great product that really helps my worries are laid to rest. Hmmmmm, I wonder if our house will ever be the same,lol


It cannot be denied that summer makes me laugh, hop and smile. I guess its the blinding sunshine and warmth of the sun that makes me want for Summer to be all year long. I have finally switched my wardrobe from winter to summer and I'm so relieved that its over. I still have quite a few outfits I would like to add to my meager summer wardrobe. Getting a great pair of jeans is the next on my agenda. Something that will go a long way and can be worn anywhere at anytime. I watch this one show that emphasizes on getting a great pair of denim that will go a long way. It matters very little about the cost since once you have found that special jeans it will eventually pay for itself. Were lucky that Armani Exchange is having a big sale " New Premium Denim" starting at $98. I know its a little expensive but hey if the fit is perfect why not right? The Potassium Straight Leg is probably my favorite since it can be dressy and casual at the same time. And the straight cut is most flattering for my figure and it looks good with very high heels. What about if I tell you that you can own one of the many denims they have? I bet that peaked your interest. Its actually very simple, all you have to do is text A|Xvia sms and win a new pair of denims everyday this July. And if you can't wait and decide to purchase a pair of denim from Armani Exchange you get a $20 gift card off your next purchase of $100 or more. But hurry this offer is already in full swing and will end 8/15/09. And don't forget to show off those curves in your new denim.


Friday, July 10, 2009


Wednesday started off great and without any incident at all. Ralph and Kaitlyn spend most of the afternoon in the pool swimming around.We had grilled steak, macaroni & cheese and corn and it was so scrumptious. It wasn't until 6 p.m. that the power suddenly went out, at first I just thought it was just our house that maybe something tripped. I poked my head outside to tell Ralph about the power when our neighbor went out to check with us. It was the power box across from our house that was acting up again. A couple of weeks or so that same power box blew up and we thought that the electric company already fixed, we were wrong!

To pass the time we all stayed outside on the front porch and watch Kaitlyn play with our neighbor Tracy. We all thought that the power will be restored after a few min but we were very hopeful. After 2 hours the we called to ask what time the power will be restored and we were shock to hear that it was going to be until 11 p.m. Since I was used to power outage in my country I was not worried nor got to bothered about not having power. I decided to find lit some candle and put them around the house so it wouldn't be so dark. Kaitlyn had a blast trying to blow out all the candles.

To cut the story short, our electricity was not restored until 6 am the following morning. Needless to say I was not able to get online let alone do my daily drops. Ralph was pissed and tired since it was so hot he could not sleep. Thank God our meat didn't to waste. As for me I'm really hoping that this wont happen when its winter time. I would probably go nuts thinking about how cold it would get.

Monday, July 6, 2009


The past days I have really been thinking long and hard about getting one of my BIL puppy. We went to his house last Wednesday and saw the puppy, they have grown so much. I fell in love with one of the black labs with a very big head and sad face. Kaitlyn was all over the puppies and kept wanting to pet them. Husband left it all to me to decide, I will have the last word. He has already looked into pet insurance if we do get a dog. Ralph knows my hesitation about getting a new puppy. One of the big reason is the smell, I hate the smell of dog. I don't want my house smelling like one and also the shedding all over the place. I feel relieved though that Dinovite has a solution for my problem. A shampoo that will hopefully do wonders on taking care of dog hair, the smell and most importantly, it kills fleas. Now, that's a dog shampoo that I would want to have when I do decide about getting the puppy, I will only have until this week to decide. I know for sure the kids would love to get a puppy specially since Kayla has been asking me for one ever since we saw them. Kaitlyn also loves the puppies mommy Sam and I have been told that Labrador Retriever are excellent dog breed for kids. I thought we were not getting a new pet but I guess things can change, as the saying goes " Change is the only constant thing in this world".

Saturday, July 4, 2009


We are off to New Jersey to attend a graduation party of my cousin. There is going to be lots of Filipino food. I'm just taking this few minutes to let my droppers know i wont be able to do my usual drops since we will be staying overnight at Ralph's nieces apartment and she does not have any Internet. Were heading off to her apartment first then at around 4:30 we will be heading for my relatives house about 15 minutes away. I'll be sure to take lots of picture and eat, eat, eat a whole lot! Have fun everyone and be safe!

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