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Saturday, July 11, 2009


This will be the newest addition to our family. Photo was taken July 1 when we visited my BIL Angelo for the day. The puppies have grown so much and they all looked so cute but my heart was stolen by this one black puppy. She had the biggest head among all the black puppies with the most adorable sad face. She looked at me and I knew we were going to end up having a puppy. It didnt help that Kaitlyn was all over the puppy. Ralph left the final decision to me since I am the master of the house,lol. If it it were not for Kaitlyn and Kayla and their love for a dog I would never consider getting one. It also helped that Labrador Retriever are excellent pets for families who have kids. I have seen the way Sam the puppies mommy acts around Kaitlyn.

July 18th is going to be the official day we will welcome this new addition to the family. I still worry about the dog smell and hair but since I know one great product that really helps my worries are laid to rest. Hmmmmm, I wonder if our house will ever be the same,lol


Unknown said...

Nakighawok naman hinuon ka sa puppy dha nyora, intawn sd sa mga pet lovers, I remember when I had a puppy before, sus pastilan ka cute pag puppy pa, pero pagdako sa akong itoy lods, mahadlok nku duwa, ky walay gawas gawas, inig igawas nku mura irong buang akong gihatag oi hehehe

Posh Totty said...

awww how lovely, we pick up our new puppy next week and I am so excited to finally be bringing her home :O)

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Ah! having puppies? It is like having kids. Especially at that age mommy you better watch out and don't let anything left around the house coz she might tear them. hahahahha IT will absolutely be different, but fun!

mommy Orkid Belle said...

They all love to go outside from time to time aron dili magwala sa balay.. hehehehe they get bored just being inside all the time and they want more interaction outside.. mao kang mommy shydub gawala kay wala may gawas2x.. hehehehehe..

Sannydrops said...

awww...isn't that cute...

by the way, I have nominated you for two awards. Please drop by blog ( ) to grab them.



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