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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


For my 31 st birthday last July 15, we got two puppies. I was totally caught off guard, why? We were suppose to get only one puppy but when we got to Angelo's house Ralph fell in love with the tan looking puppy. We knew that Ralph wanted the yellow lab but I wanted the black one. He just blurted out if we could get two puppies instead of one. I thought he was joking at first but the look on his face told me otherwise. Now, we have two 6 weeks old puppies that just got their first shots today. At least they are not as bad as I thought they would be. What I'm worried about though is the fleas. I saw a couple of fleas on the puppies and I just want to get rid of them before it spreads to our other pets. Since we got them we have given them two bath one was with the flea shampoo that my MIL had. I don't think its working though cause I still found one flea on one of the puppies. For me its very important to find the right dog shampoo. A shampoo that really works on getting rid of the fleas and most of all keeps the dog smell at bay. One of my pet peeves is dog smell and as much as possible I want our dogs smelling nice so our house won't stink like a dog. So the only solution I can think of is getting Dinovite dog shampoo that leaves dog smell cleaner longer, lathers good but is easy to rinse, contains 100 % therapeutic grade essential oils that is good for dogs, and most of all its a natural flea detergent. With all those added benefits what more could we ask for?



I has been a long time since Ralph and I have went out to eat, let alone on a date. With two kids and two new puppies we certainly have our hands full. Ralph and I would rather stay home with the kids and have fun in our own backyard. But sometimes its also good to have a special date out with our spouses. After we took the puppies to the vet, Ralph just surprised me for an impromptu lunch date. He asked his mom to watch the kids for a couple of houra so he could take me out to eat. It was so sweet of my husband to do that. I know we are tight on our budget but he insisted on taking me out. Off we went to our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant. We ate and talked, for once we were not in a hurry to leave.

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