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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maximize Savings

With today's economy on the brink of recession, each one of us find many ways to save on our daily expenses. As a family of 4  depending on a single income,every saving is appreciated. As a stay at home mom, I vowed to find a way to help my husband maximize the value of a single dollar. That was a year ago last October that I consciously decided I wanted to use coupon to maximize my savings. Mind you, couponing is hard work, takes organization, skill, persistence and patience and a good understanding of each stores coupon policy. I did it by trial and error. I used spurned and look down on people who use coupon. Little did I know those people that use coupon are smarter than me. Ever since I started clipping coupons, we have saved hundreds on our grocery and household needs.

Coupons is not only limited to grocery stores, drugstores like Walgreens, RiteAid or CVS. Most company nowadays use coupon to entice new customers and keep regular customers loyal. Coupons can be found anywhere and with the convenience of the World Wide Web we don't even have to leave the comfort of our own home to shop.

If you like to shop online and love more savings on sale items? Stack up on online codes that you can redeem. Hundreds of stores have coupon codes out on a daily basis. One place where you can find tons of codes is the is Coupon Chief coupon codes, where hundreds of codes are regularly available and updated for people like you and me to use. I have visited so many coupon sites but, this takes the cake. Stores are in alphabetical order so you won't have any trouble finding a certain code for store. Famous stores like, Victoria Secret, Bath and Body Works, Forever XXI, Coach, Best Buy to name a few. You want a coupon code, they have it. So if you are in a mood to shop and maximize savings, be sure to check out the coupon chief. I for one will be sharing this with my coupon buddy as she loves to shop online. And with the Semi-annual sales going on, I might snag more for less buck.

Where did my post go?

I just wrote an update on this blog but didn't get the chance to publish it as my alarm went off to signal that It was time to walk to the bus stop. When I came back to check on my iPad it was gone! What a bummer..... Is this going to be the start of my days? Looks like things are not going to go the way I want it today. I'll prepare for the worse but, hope for the best.

Have a great morning everyone!!!!

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