The Designers Chic

Monday, June 11, 2012


Winter has come and gone but I have yet to put away all my girls winter clothes as well as mine. I have about 2 season's worth of clothes in my kids drawers now. Two season worth of clothes for each girls has left a lasting impression on their drawers. I know that If i don't step up my game and separate the winter clothes from the summer clothes the girls drawers will need a new drawer slide.  I did put aside the winter clothes but the weather has been acting kind of funky and I just ended up putting them back in the drawer. My husbands not going to be happy if the kids drawers break. So before I totally end up ruining the drawers I am going to really start separating the kids clothes. Anyway, I know for sure that warm weather is here to stay and my girls won't be needing anything from Winter.

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