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Friday, July 30, 2010


On my recent vacation, I realized how lucky and fortunate my kids are compared to most kids in the place where I grew up. My kids have almost everything, their daddy makes sure that he gives them toys and stuff they can enjoy and play with. Take for example the newest swing set we just bought for the girls this Summer. Most kids back home have never seen a swing set let alone play in one. Most of those kids are happy just to play with sticks, twigs, tires, cans and other stuff most American kids take for granted. I try to make my kids understand that what they have is from their father's hard work. Kaitlyn for the most part didn't demand for any toys when we get the chance to visit malls or department stores. Her eyes did grow big when we passed by the aisle of battery powered ride on toys. She remembered her Barbie Jeep back home. That reminds me, we should actually look into Peg perego as specialize in battery power operated ride on toys. Kayla has gotten to big for her Barbie Jeep and as a rule Kaitlyn gets her jeep. Ralph is thinking about getting a ride on toy that looks like an ATV,I however don't think that is a good idea. We still have to discuss what kind to get Kayla, it has to be something that she can grow into and is durable for at least 2 kids on it. Maybe next year's tax money we will get Kayla her new ride on wheels.


I must admit that the first few days I was in Cebu I got surprised by how expensive commodities have become. The foods that I used to love eating that were cheap and affordable were no longer so. I often wonder how the poor get through the day feeding their family. There were still some things that were cheap. I was surprised by how cheap silver jewelries were. Not sterling silver but the 925 silver jewelry. Got me wondering in the process if wholesale diamonds were sold in the Philippines and would it be cheap. If that was the case I'm sure that women who loves diamonds would be in high heaven. They said diamonds were girls best friend, not for me. Food is my best friend and boy did I eat a lot of my best friend when I was on my vacation. And oh, I did get a few silver baubles for myself after my mom got me a silver necklace with a cross pendant and gave me her beautiful silver earring. I just had to buy a bracelet and a few silver rings to match my new earrings and necklace.


This beautiful round green fruit is called Lemonsito. It's like lime but smaller and more delicious without the bitter after taste of Lime and Lemon. I was so happy to see this plant beside my mom's house. It was surrounded by beautiful butterflies. Kaitlyn enjoyed looking at the butterflies and chasing after them. We didn't get to pick from the plant since it was not ripe yet. I don't know about you but food just taste different when the Lemonsito is added to it. Take for example the breaded pork chop.. There is just a certain taste to it that leaves you wanting and eating more. Even MIL admits that the these small lemonsito beats Lime any day. And good news to my pinoy friends, I got to bring a few seeds with me. I have yet to plant it but I am optimistic that I will be able to grow it. I just hope I have a place to put it when winter comes.

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