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Friday, July 30, 2010


This beautiful round green fruit is called Lemonsito. It's like lime but smaller and more delicious without the bitter after taste of Lime and Lemon. I was so happy to see this plant beside my mom's house. It was surrounded by beautiful butterflies. Kaitlyn enjoyed looking at the butterflies and chasing after them. We didn't get to pick from the plant since it was not ripe yet. I don't know about you but food just taste different when the Lemonsito is added to it. Take for example the breaded pork chop.. There is just a certain taste to it that leaves you wanting and eating more. Even MIL admits that the these small lemonsito beats Lime any day. And good news to my pinoy friends, I got to bring a few seeds with me. I have yet to plant it but I am optimistic that I will be able to grow it. I just hope I have a place to put it when winter comes.


shydub said...

Aguy panghatag ana ky way lemonsito intawn diri. maayo paka diha unay na ug lemonsito lods.


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