The Designers Chic

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


This coming Saturday will be the wedding of Andrew and Wendy. The groom is my MIL's grandson. We will be heading out to New Jersey once again to witness the union of these two couple. Before the wedding I heard Wendy and my SIL talking about finding a Wedding Jewelry that is meaningful to both of them. In today's generation wedding jewelry is part of the ceremony already. Specially for middle eastern weddings, brides are adorned with different kinds of wedding jewelry. Either from the groom or from the brides family. I have seen proof of that from watching Platinum Wedding on television. But anyway, we hope that the weather will cooperate on Saturday. The wedding will be held outside the backyard of their house. I have already picked out outfits for the girls and myself, got the card and gift and of course I got to help MIL cook the food she volunteered to bring.

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