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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Did you ever wish you looked different and had fascinations for a certain skin color or hair? I have, back home in the Philippines having fair, white skin is the in thing and that most of our lotions have whitening agents. Yes, from a tropical country rich in sun and warmth. Our people love to have lighter skin like most foreigners. Going back i have always admired redheads, what is it about redheads that i admire? The color of the hair, skin and just the vibrant and extra zest in a redheads personality. I think redheads are beautiful and just a rare breed. Blonds are a dime a dozen but red heads are truly unique and they stand out in the crowd. I don't see as much red heads as i would like but when i do see one i automatically envy the color of there hair and i often wonder if he/she has a spitfire of personality. For people who wants to meet a redheadslike them this is for you guys. We have seen a lot of social networks from Friendster,to multiply to face book. Now is the time for the redheads to shine with a social network exclusively for them. Tired of looking for people that don't match you or even come close to your personal preference will just be a thing of the past. Connect with redheads and start repopulating the world with the beauty of RED.


Valentines Day was spent a little different this year. Woke up in the morning with the girls hunkering for breakfast. Didn't get to sleep in and have my little mini vacation when they started waking up early. It would have been fine if they didn't start horsing around and playing with me. We went down and as i was walking down the steps i was a tad bit dissappointed, Ralph didn't get get me anything for Valentines and our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. I was surprised when we finally got to the kitchen, laid out on the table were 4 cards, 3 boxes of heart chocolates, 3 heart m&m's. I first opened and read Kayla's Valentines card from her daddy, next was mine. I got 2 cards and it was so very very sweet and lastly we open Kaitlyn's card from her dad. Ralph was sleeping upstairs, i told Kayla as soon as she finishes her breakfast we will make a card for there Daddy. The cards were finally made and we all trooped back upstairs to surprise sleeping daddy. The look on Ralph's face when he saw his two angels giving him their homemade cards even Kaitlyn was the best Valentines he ever got. Even Kaitlyn knew that the card she was holding was for daddy and gave it to him.

We had plans to go out to dinner with just Ralph and I to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. MIL was left with the kids but we had to wait for our new bed to be delivered first before leaving and it arrived just on time. As soon as the bed was all set up we left for HIBACHI, a Japanese steak and sushi bar in New Castle. We had a good time and we were stuffed. Ralph didn't get to catch a shrimp with his mouth but we sure did enjoy ourselves and had a good time.

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