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Monday, March 22, 2010


Having 3 cars is by no means an easy feat. Their is maintenance, gas, insurance, monthly payments and what not. When we got our latest car, a Jaguar Ralph probably got a lot of auto insurance quotes from different insurance company. I am stumped as to why my husband got a third car. He insists that he got the 3rd car for me, I know its a load of crap because I don't even know how to drive,lol. I am not to miffed abut it though since we did get the car at a good price and the interest was very low from hi credit union. Ralph does use it when going to work since its more efficient on gas and saves him money. I just worry about the payments and the burden that it puts on him. He assured me that in 4 years time we will be free from any payments when it comes to our cars. All we have to worry about is the insurance after all the cars have been paid off. I just hope that this year I will finally be able to drive. I just want to be able to drive myself somewhere or help out with errands so that I don't have to depend on my MIL to drive me around. I am really crossing my fingers on this one.


The other day while we were doing our running around and stopping by the furniture store Ralph talked about the plan for next years vacation. We can't do anything this year since I will be going home to the Philippines this summer. Because of that we may as well plan our vacation ahead so we have other options and choices. He talked about doing a time share on a cruise to the Bahamas and of course the Disney vacation. We should probably include Outer Banks vacation homes in our plans. The main purpose for the vacation is for the kids to have fun and so we can bond as a family. Ralph wants to go somewhere were the kids can ran free, and swim to their little hearts content. I know its still early to plan things but its better this way so we can put aside some money for our next impending vacation.


Who watches My Super Sweet 16 on MTV? I just finished watching the episode where Lil' Mama was coming out for her 16th birthday. I have never heard of her though maybe coz I am an old fart already? But anyway she is apparently a singer or rapper. The theme of her party was about coming out of a Princess. She wanted it big but most of all she wanted to celebrate it with her family. She wanted to make sure that her family looked gorgeous and nice for her big day so she got tuxedo for the male members of her family. I think it was cream or off white but the guys did look elegant and sophisticated. Of course every one looked great on the big day specially the birthday girl. I really don't approve of this show and how this young men and women and partying like crazy and getting cars like it was nothing. A part of me is sorry that this kids are growing up spoiled by the parents. I just hope this kids grow up to be successful persons not just spoiled brats.

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