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Monday, March 22, 2010


Having 3 cars is by no means an easy feat. Their is maintenance, gas, insurance, monthly payments and what not. When we got our latest car, a Jaguar Ralph probably got a lot of auto insurance quotes from different insurance company. I am stumped as to why my husband got a third car. He insists that he got the 3rd car for me, I know its a load of crap because I don't even know how to drive,lol. I am not to miffed abut it though since we did get the car at a good price and the interest was very low from hi credit union. Ralph does use it when going to work since its more efficient on gas and saves him money. I just worry about the payments and the burden that it puts on him. He assured me that in 4 years time we will be free from any payments when it comes to our cars. All we have to worry about is the insurance after all the cars have been paid off. I just hope that this year I will finally be able to drive. I just want to be able to drive myself somewhere or help out with errands so that I don't have to depend on my MIL to drive me around. I am really crossing my fingers on this one.


mommy Orkid Belle said...

You can do it mommy Lods! :) Once you get to practice driving, it will be easy.. :)

Willa said...

well, at least that will motivate you to drive. :)
Btw, I tagged you for Hershey's Easter Blog Hop.It's not a contest and it's for a good cause,I hope you can join. :)

bingkee said...

I used to think I won't need to drive and then I learned how to drive---then I knew how it is important and functional to be able to drive. I finally relented to taking driving lessons 6 years ago since I thought it would be essential when we have kids....but then we were not been given kids, but still I think knowing how to drive is very important---even without kids.
Driving is so easy---as one car insurance ad says it "even a caveman can do it." Hehehe! You can do it.


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