The Designers Chic

Monday, April 9, 2012


At least the kids Trampoline has is up and assembled. That trampoline was in my MIL's room since last November when we got it for black friday. That was the only reason why my husband braved the swarm of people at Walmart to buy the Trampoline for the kids. We gave it to them for Christmas. We had to wait until it was warm enough to set it up for the kids. Thankfully, my husband's nephew Andrew came down for the weekend to help Ralph set it up. Actually, Andrew did all the work,lol. When Ralph got up it was already assembled. Kaitlyn and his cousin Andrew Jr. were the first ones to try it out.

Ralph and I knew that kids would love the trampoline. The trampoline is the latest addition to our mini playground, lol. Let me tell you, my kids have almost everything, We got the swimming pool, the sandbox, the swing set, trampoline and a big yard to run around and play hide and seek. My kids are the active kind, they love to stay outside in the backyard to play and get dirty. The trampoline is also a big help for both girls since they are studying gymnastics. As for next year, we don't know what we will be adding. Maybe a zip line?

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