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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Could the newest "carcycle" be the future transport? Well it's not really called that but, I like to call it that,lol.. This car is set on two wheels but has a body of a car. Below is a photo. It looks way cool. I don't know much about cars as I don't drive but, this caught my attention. You can read more about it here. All I can say is, it it's good on gas I'm all for it.

First food shopping haul

June was the month that I left blogging. I don't know if I ever shared pictures of haul when I go couponing. The picture below was taken last June and this was one of my biggest supermarket haul. This was also the first time I really put an effort into couponing with food. The lucky store that we went to was ShopRite. Since I started couponing November of last year I was focused more on Walgreens, Rite Aid and Walmart. It was my friend who encouraged me to join her and gave me a great couponing site to follow. There is the a couple of great website but for me Living Rich With Coupons is the best one. So without further delay here is my food shopping haul at ShopRite ..

It was for two different transaction each on different shoprite membership card. Couponing takes a lot of work and organization but it does pay off in the end.

Her Elegant Wedding Invitations

It looks like my trip home to the Philippines is going to happen. Hubby just told me yesterday he saw a decent fare price for all tree of us his mom, my youngest and me. I got so excited. If only my kids while get out of school early enough in June I will be able to make it for my cousins wedding. She and I have been talking about her wedding whenever we get a chance to talk Online.

A wedding is hard to plan when you are based in a different country. She based in Qatar, and has to put her trust into her wedding planner. Even though she is far she puts an effort on how she wants her wedding to be like. The wedding dresses that she has shown me were all beautiful but still has to decide which design. She showed me her Wedding invitations and they were simple yet elegant. It was important for her to make sure her wedding invitations were just right as it sets the tone for her wedding. I am just so excited for the whole preparation to come together. With the help of her wedding planner and the right vendors I am positive that she will have the wedding of her dreams.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We just got back from dropping off our youngest to school. Ahhhhh!!! A moment to relax and read what's going on.

Have you seen the movie " The Grinch who stole Christmas?" . Well it's no longer a movie, it's also happening in real life. I could not believe when I read the news HEERE about how 6k worth of toys from the Toys for Tots drive in Seattle were stolen. What has the world come to? I feel bad for all those organizers hard work. Not only that but the disappointment in the children's faces. What is the thief going to do with that many toys? Sell them on eBay? It's just leaves a bad taste in my mouth how some people have no remorse doing evil things. But according to organizers, the community have been rallying and helping out. It's good to know that inspite of the evil lurking around, goodness in people's heart still prevails. I for one am buying a couple of toys and donating them to charity supported by my local Walgreens. It's may not be much but to one little girl or boy it will make Christmas extra special.

What's up?

Wide awake at 2:07 in the morning! Why the heck am I still awake? I have no clue,lol.It doesn't help that I just found out a better way for me to do my blogging on my iPad. I just downloaded the Blogger App For the iPad. It's amazing! Before I searched for the app I've been having trouble blogging via safari. It wasn't fun at all and I made me crazy. Now that I can blog using my iPad ill be updating more frequently, I'll try.. Well it's very late or very early and I have to be up with my oldest to prepare for school. So, exploring this new app will have to wait until later, much later in the day. Goodnight to all the night owls and I'll be back in a few hours.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Don't you wish you were the person that always gives the best gifts on Christmas. Some people just have the knack of picking up the perfect present for the right person. I don't know about you but, that is so not me. Every year I struggle to think about what to get for my family. Well, I more often that naught over think things. I  get so many ideas in my head that I get bombarded with so many stuff. An gift idea overload! The only person that I  have no difficulty buying gifts for is my youngest daughter who is 5 yrs. old. Even my oldest, Is so hard to buy for. She is not the girly girl type nor is she a tomboy. Finding something for someone who is in between being a kid and approaching puberty. I swear when family members ask about what to get be it for birthdays, Christmas or just any special occasion my response is always " I'm not so sure". It gets old sometimes but, it is the truth. The other person I find hard to buy for is my husband. Every time I ask him what wants or need I get the same response " I don't need anything." I thought men were so easy to buy gifts for but I am wrong. Since I'm at a dead end I gave him a choice between Tools or Personal Use. For tools my choices are a Wet and Dry Vaccum, any affordable tools from deburring tool from , or a brand new circular saw. As for the Personal Use my choices are, a new set of electric shave and trimmer, weighing scale or a new set of hair clippers. It is up to him right now. I just hope that whatever he chooses I can afford it,lol. Knowing my husband, he won't want anything for Christmas but the happiness and the joy of his family.


In today's society where more than half of the worlds population has become so dependent on the web. If we are not careful it could also lead to our downfall. Im talking more on financial downfall. Every time we go online, use our card or purchase in store ,we are putting ourselves in risk of identity theft. My husband has been a victim of that a couple of times. Some stole his credit card number and bought a lot of expensive stuff online. Its a good thing that he checks our back account on a daily basis or else we would have been screwed! We have no idea how someone could have gotten access. All I know is that we have to do something to protect ourselves. One way of doing that is getting a contactless cards . Since I have not gotten him any Christmas gift, this could be a pretty good gift idea. It will help protect our cards by blocking out signals that may want to steal information from our credit cards. It was bad enough already that it happened to use twice. I don't ever what it to happen again. So honey, I am getting your a credit card RFID blocking sleeve. That should stop thief from stealing your financial information and using it for their benefit.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Winter is in full effect specially in MN. I read in the news that MN has already gotten 16" of snow. Now that is a lot of snow. If I was there I would be miserable, my kids would be happy due to the snow. All I would be worrying about is the electricity going off. And when electricity goes off, no heater and that would never do. With the snowstorm wrecking havoc, it comes to no surprise how many accidents have happened. To those in the upper Midwest I hope they are keeping warm and safe. To help keep warm  check out the  best selection of patagonia coats
. It's  imperative that people living in a state constantly visited by snow to invest on a good coat for winter. We are in DE and Invested on a couple of coats/jackets. My most favorite coat is what I call my granny coat. It's length is down to my ankle and it has a hood to keep my head and ears warm. It's perfect for a cold freezing day when I have to walk to the bus stop to pick up my oldest. My prayers go out to the people in the Midwest. I hope they keep warm and safe.


It's been a rough day so far. The other day we found out that the drain to our washing machine is clogged. We came home to find out that the laundry room is flooding and it went into our family. Thankfully it didn't reach the area rug. Today, a plumber came to the house to see what the problem was and if they could unclog the drain. Unfortunately the plumber didn't have the right equipment. Can you believe that? We paid $75 for him to use a drain snake and he couldn't even fix it. What got us frustrated was he only had that one equipment. My MIL had to call the home warranty. We got a credit back for $75. We called another company and they a suppose to come tomorrow. If they don't have the right equipment again,they would have to cut through the wall to get access to the pipe. We are looking at around $295.00. That is a money we really don't have right now. MIL laundry has been in the washing machine for a day and a half now. I had to do something, I needed to do laundry as well or my kids will be going to school naked,lol. So what I did was Jerry rigged something so that we could use the washing machine. It doesn't look pretty but it worked. We got the water to drain outside the house. How I did I do it? I'll keep it a secret,lol..


So many things to look forward in the year 2013. First off, my husband and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary, Second I will be planning my trip to the Philippines. I am looking forward to my trip back home. It will be my first time to meet my sisters daughter, to visit my grandma after my grandfather death, to visit his resting place and also be a part of my cousins wedding. My cousin and I were like two peas in a pod. Growing up we were constantly getting into trouble, all you hear was both our names everyday.

Ever since I fond out she was getting married I have been talking to her about her plan for her wedding. She has asked me for her opinion on the color motiff, flowers and also the wedding photographer. I got so excited talking to her about her wedding that I couldn't help myself finding out more about weddings. I spent lot of time looking at videos of wedding, photos,flowers and wedding dresses. I even checked out philadelphia wedding photography.That I checked out for myself when my husband and I would eventually have a church wedding or maybe just a renewal of vows. It doesn't hurt to plan ahead. All I know for certain that pictures is one of the best way to capture a specially moment. And with a special moment like a wedding it deserves to have the best.


Day 2

I am just now getting back into the wave of things. Its been a wet, foggy day in my part of the world. At least its not freezing cold like in MN where they have gotten a total of 16" of snow. I would hate to be there right now. Sure my kids eyes would probably get so big seeing the huge amount of snow accumulation and would want to dive in it. My kids have been asking when we will be getting snow. The last big snow day they had was 2 years ago and they loved it.Not so much for mama and daddy. My dryer was constantly running, floor had to be constantly wiped and keeping track of the kids winter suits and gloves. While daddy had to do the hard labor of plowing the snow not just in front of out house but that also includes out neighbors house and half of the cul de sac. Good thing hubby has a snow thrower, its been a good investment so far.

It's just the beginning of the day and I wonder what is in store for me. I know! More cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning. It never ends when you have kids! So I am getting my butt of this chair and what needs to be done. Be back in a jiffy!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


It has been almost 6 months since my last update. I can't believe i have left my blog stagnant for this long. There are a few reasons why i have stopped updating my blog.Personal reasons is the main thing and I got burned out. The passion to write about my everyday life and what I find interesting, entertaining didn't seem to important anymore.

As im sitiing here talking to myself I have yet to think about what else to say. My muse and inspiration left me for a while. If I don't start writting and  updating I fear that I will never be able to pick up where I left off... Am I back for good? For now, yes I am. I have so much to write down and chronicle. Blogging use to be a way for me to keep track of whats been happening and how my girls are growing. For that reason alone I will dust my writing skills.

Until tomorrow.......

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