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Monday, December 10, 2012


Day 2

I am just now getting back into the wave of things. Its been a wet, foggy day in my part of the world. At least its not freezing cold like in MN where they have gotten a total of 16" of snow. I would hate to be there right now. Sure my kids eyes would probably get so big seeing the huge amount of snow accumulation and would want to dive in it. My kids have been asking when we will be getting snow. The last big snow day they had was 2 years ago and they loved it.Not so much for mama and daddy. My dryer was constantly running, floor had to be constantly wiped and keeping track of the kids winter suits and gloves. While daddy had to do the hard labor of plowing the snow not just in front of out house but that also includes out neighbors house and half of the cul de sac. Good thing hubby has a snow thrower, its been a good investment so far.

It's just the beginning of the day and I wonder what is in store for me. I know! More cleaning, and cleaning and cleaning. It never ends when you have kids! So I am getting my butt of this chair and what needs to be done. Be back in a jiffy!



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