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Monday, December 10, 2012


It's been a rough day so far. The other day we found out that the drain to our washing machine is clogged. We came home to find out that the laundry room is flooding and it went into our family. Thankfully it didn't reach the area rug. Today, a plumber came to the house to see what the problem was and if they could unclog the drain. Unfortunately the plumber didn't have the right equipment. Can you believe that? We paid $75 for him to use a drain snake and he couldn't even fix it. What got us frustrated was he only had that one equipment. My MIL had to call the home warranty. We got a credit back for $75. We called another company and they a suppose to come tomorrow. If they don't have the right equipment again,they would have to cut through the wall to get access to the pipe. We are looking at around $295.00. That is a money we really don't have right now. MIL laundry has been in the washing machine for a day and a half now. I had to do something, I needed to do laundry as well or my kids will be going to school naked,lol. So what I did was Jerry rigged something so that we could use the washing machine. It doesn't look pretty but it worked. We got the water to drain outside the house. How I did I do it? I'll keep it a secret,lol..



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