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Monday, December 10, 2012


Winter is in full effect specially in MN. I read in the news that MN has already gotten 16" of snow. Now that is a lot of snow. If I was there I would be miserable, my kids would be happy due to the snow. All I would be worrying about is the electricity going off. And when electricity goes off, no heater and that would never do. With the snowstorm wrecking havoc, it comes to no surprise how many accidents have happened. To those in the upper Midwest I hope they are keeping warm and safe. To help keep warm  check out the  best selection of patagonia coats
. It's  imperative that people living in a state constantly visited by snow to invest on a good coat for winter. We are in DE and Invested on a couple of coats/jackets. My most favorite coat is what I call my granny coat. It's length is down to my ankle and it has a hood to keep my head and ears warm. It's perfect for a cold freezing day when I have to walk to the bus stop to pick up my oldest. My prayers go out to the people in the Midwest. I hope they keep warm and safe.



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