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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


In today's society where more than half of the worlds population has become so dependent on the web. If we are not careful it could also lead to our downfall. Im talking more on financial downfall. Every time we go online, use our card or purchase in store ,we are putting ourselves in risk of identity theft. My husband has been a victim of that a couple of times. Some stole his credit card number and bought a lot of expensive stuff online. Its a good thing that he checks our back account on a daily basis or else we would have been screwed! We have no idea how someone could have gotten access. All I know is that we have to do something to protect ourselves. One way of doing that is getting a contactless cards . Since I have not gotten him any Christmas gift, this could be a pretty good gift idea. It will help protect our cards by blocking out signals that may want to steal information from our credit cards. It was bad enough already that it happened to use twice. I don't ever what it to happen again. So honey, I am getting your a credit card RFID blocking sleeve. That should stop thief from stealing your financial information and using it for their benefit.



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