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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Don't you wish you were the person that always gives the best gifts on Christmas. Some people just have the knack of picking up the perfect present for the right person. I don't know about you but, that is so not me. Every year I struggle to think about what to get for my family. Well, I more often that naught over think things. I  get so many ideas in my head that I get bombarded with so many stuff. An gift idea overload! The only person that I  have no difficulty buying gifts for is my youngest daughter who is 5 yrs. old. Even my oldest, Is so hard to buy for. She is not the girly girl type nor is she a tomboy. Finding something for someone who is in between being a kid and approaching puberty. I swear when family members ask about what to get be it for birthdays, Christmas or just any special occasion my response is always " I'm not so sure". It gets old sometimes but, it is the truth. The other person I find hard to buy for is my husband. Every time I ask him what wants or need I get the same response " I don't need anything." I thought men were so easy to buy gifts for but I am wrong. Since I'm at a dead end I gave him a choice between Tools or Personal Use. For tools my choices are a Wet and Dry Vaccum, any affordable tools from deburring tool from , or a brand new circular saw. As for the Personal Use my choices are, a new set of electric shave and trimmer, weighing scale or a new set of hair clippers. It is up to him right now. I just hope that whatever he chooses I can afford it,lol. Knowing my husband, he won't want anything for Christmas but the happiness and the joy of his family.



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