The Designers Chic

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Winter has already made its presence known in some states. Some have gotten flurries of snow and some more than 3 inches of it. So far we haven't seen any snow here in Delaware but I am sure any day we will be seeing our first snow fall of the season. Last year we got a good amount of snow not counting the snow storm that ruined a lot of property. The past days has been cold but even worse with blustering winds that can gust up to 30 mph. I had to whip out what I call my granny coat that is down to my ankle. Even my husband was looking for a knit cap to keep his noggin warm when he is at work. To bad he could not wear any of the promotional hats that was given to him while his at work. He can only wear the standard plain black knit cap. Oh well, I can wear the ones he can't use while at work. Good thing I'm not into looking fashionable while trying to get warm, I just want to be warm any way that I can.

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