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Monday, February 9, 2009


Pictures were taken outside yesterday. It was such a ridiculously wonderful weather that i just could not resist taking Kaitlyn out to our backyard. She had on a red dress with her pink sweater. She looked so cute and was so happy to be out of the house and be able to run around and enjoy. The first two pictures where taken on our deck while she was on her big sisters bicycle, it hers now since its to small for big sister. The second pictures was of her getting down the deck and heading to the swing set. She loves the swing set and would stay there for hours if we let her. Getting out yesterday also allowed me and MIL to pick up the dog poop scattered around in the backyard. Thank God Ralph was not there to see all of those poop or else he would have a fit. He hates the thought of the dog pooping on the grass since the girls will be running around in the backyard this summer. We still have not finished picking all of those up but with today weather again I'm sure ill go to it.

As for the last picture that is of Kaitlyn crying her eyes out and throwing her temper tantrum when told it was time to go inside. She was out there for more than an hour and she did not want to come in and was not hesitant about letting me and MIMA" grandma" know her disappointment and anger.


There is nothing better than to enjoy your morning refresh, happy and with a big smile. Starting the day with a positive outlook can really change the course of how you want to feel that day. And being that laughter is the best medicine check out Kerin Haydenmusic video for some funny song to start your day. What if something like that really came along, would i become the own me girl? Sing along and dance if you want and ask yourself do you think you can be owned? If yes here are some of the things your man should be doing to own you. Its just for laugh so enjoy and think about it who knows you may know someone like her,lol.


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