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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I can't believe that winter is already over and Spring is well on its way. I should know, I am currently suffering from Spring allergy. All I do is sneeze, blow my nose and itch my eyes. Due to my spring allergy I have postponed doing my spring cleaning. I am looking forward to switching the kids wardrobe from winter to Spring/Summer. With the weather being so nice and warm my youngest has even started wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts. Our oldest is currently on Spring Break with her mom in Maryland. We have yet to go clothes shopping for her. She is growing like a weed. With my kids so active they will be out more and more playing in the backyard, that means we will have to buy Kayla lots of t shirts,and shorts. Kaitlyn got all her sister's hand me downs so she is good to go for Spring/Summer clothes. As for me, I also need to weed out clothes that no longer fit me. Hopefully my Spring allergy won't be as bad as it was last year. If not, I'll have to rely on medication to help me with the symptoms.

Monday, April 25, 2011


It's been a while since I last updated my blogs. I guess you could say I was burned out. Many things have happened over the past weeks that my brain just went on overdrive and I crashed after. I didn't even get to write anything for my mom's birthday. I just needed time to get myself together. Physically I am fine but emotionally I felt a disconnect to everybody else. All I wanted to do was just crawl into myself and just wallow in sadness, self pity, depression or whatever you may want to call it. That has always been my way of handling things, I keep it all to myself. Before anybody goes on brain overdrive my marriage is A-OK, lol

Last night I decided to talk to my husband about it. I wanted to say I was sorry for being so distant, moody and just irritable lately. Like the good and understanding husband that he is, he comforted me and wanted to know if it was anything he did. I am lucky to have a good husband, he is not perfect but so am I. Everyday is a work in progress for me, taking baby steps at a time. Am I back to blogging? For certain, I realized that at times sitting down and writing about everything seems to help. I have pulled myself in bad situation and I can certainly pull myself out again.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I just want to say Congratulations to my sister for a health baby girl. She gave birth last March 31,2011 same day as my grandma's birthday. A few hours after we talked her bag of water broke. She was all alone in the house as my mom was in Ormoc for my grandmother's birthday. I felt so bad that she was all alone when it happened. Luckily my step dad was there to take her to the hospital. My mom left for Cebu as soon as she found out my sister was in labor. She got there before my sister had her baby. Ever since my sister is very good with kids and babies alike. She will be an excellent mama. I am so happy to welcome the newest addition to our family:



Yesterday we dropped off Kayla at Baltimore Travel Plaza. It was raining and a few seconds of hail, it didn't last long though which was good. By the time we got to Baltimore the sun was out and it was nice. Little did we knew that it was so windy out. I got shocked when I opened the door and the cold wind just hit me on the face,it woke me up! The car would rock a bit when it was hit by a blast of cold air. My kids were laughing and giggling at the cold wind. As the kids were running on the sidewalk towards the hotel I noticed that one of the advertising flags hanging outside the hotel was halfway loose. that got me so nervous that I shouted to the kids not to stay in the sidewalk but go inside the hotel. They walked around the lobby while I went to the bathroom. We just waited for a few minutes when Kayla's mom showed up. As usual Kaitlyn didn't want her manang to go but she gave her sister a big hug and a kiss. Tomorrow, we are heading there again to pick her up. Hoping that it won't rain as my MIL will be the one driving.

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