The Designers Chic

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I can't believe that winter is already over and Spring is well on its way. I should know, I am currently suffering from Spring allergy. All I do is sneeze, blow my nose and itch my eyes. Due to my spring allergy I have postponed doing my spring cleaning. I am looking forward to switching the kids wardrobe from winter to Spring/Summer. With the weather being so nice and warm my youngest has even started wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts. Our oldest is currently on Spring Break with her mom in Maryland. We have yet to go clothes shopping for her. She is growing like a weed. With my kids so active they will be out more and more playing in the backyard, that means we will have to buy Kayla lots of t shirts,and shorts. Kaitlyn got all her sister's hand me downs so she is good to go for Spring/Summer clothes. As for me, I also need to weed out clothes that no longer fit me. Hopefully my Spring allergy won't be as bad as it was last year. If not, I'll have to rely on medication to help me with the symptoms.



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