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Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday I made another Filipino dish that my husband absolutely love, BEEF CALDERETA. Last weeks it was "nilat-ang baka" and both him and my MIL loved as well. I bought the beef ribs at Bj's since it was cheaper. Ralph however is complaining that he doesn't like the bones in the meat and that there is not enough meat. Last night when he came home from work he had some of my caldereta. This morning I decided to have it for lunch but was dismayed, he ate almost all the meat! Leaving just the sauce, potatoes, green peas, carrots and the peppers. At least he loved it.


This week is my vacation, no waking up in the morning to get Kayla ready for school since its spring break. I'm going to take advantage of this week and do my spring cleaning. Next week its back to our old routine and that also means doing homework with Kayla. Yes kindergarten also get homework every Monday and has to be handed in by Friday. Its a relief though that Kayla is still young and it will be a couple more years where I will be scratching my head figuring out how to help her with homework. Thankfully there is Answers Homework that helps answer any question you may have. I have been to the site and its very easy to maneuver around and is very very kid friendly. Since Easter is coming up fast I tried searching for it and finding out more and viola, I got a run down of things about Easter.

Last Spring I had a terrible case of allergies, I was so stuffy that breathing seemed impossible. My eyes watering, itchy and to top it all off I was sneezing like crazy. Now with I can check what allergies are rampant in our area and prepare myself for it. That's a very useful tool since I also have kids around and its always better to be prepared and aware. And the last but never the least is they also have spell checking on the fly. This is a very useful tool for me since I blog and it helps me with my spelling. So if your ever in doubt about the spelling of a certain word doubt no more and check out


Its been a slow weekend for us here. Kayla got dropped off to her mom since she has her for the weekend and also spring break. Its just sad though that she wont be able to spend time with us and her baby sister. The weather has not been cold but it hasn't been wonderful either. Its been raining for the past two days with very gusty winds. We went out to the porch in the backyard and let the baby play for a little bit. Thank God she didn't make a fuss when it was time for us to come inside. As we were on the porch I noticed our trees have buds already. Its ready to bloom anytime and that got me into thinking about caring for my skin again. I have to kick myself in the rear end to take care of me for once. I have to start moisturizing my skin again since it got so dry from winter. I want to have soft, supple and glowing skin to greet summer. I will finally be able to wear my short, tank tops and of course the dreaded bikini. Getting best body scrub around is a big must for me right now. Body scrubs can help shed dead skin and leave you with a healthier and smoother skin. There are a lot of body scrubs out there but I want something natural that smells divine and leaves my skin soft to the touch. With that in mind I went hunting on the Net and found that they have everything from lotions, liquid soaps, candles, something for men but what got me most was you can actually shop by scent. When I saw the list of scent I was in smell heaven. Not only that, to celebrant spring they are taking 20% off on entire order between March 27-30, plus if you spend over $100 they will ship it to you for free. Why not let yourself bloom and enjoy the the feel of younger smooth looking skin. Go check out SabonNYC and pamper yourself.

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