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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We were not able to go sledding since it rained and turned the powder snow into ice. Kayla didn't have school so i got to sleep in a little bit longer. Kayla was not disappointed the we didn't go sledding as planned, i guess she forgot about it. I took Kaitlyn out front, shoveled the path walk clear of snow so it would not get to hard later on. After that i took both the girls to the back deck and just let them walk around and play. They did play a lot with Kayla trying to break of the hardened snow and cajoling her little sister into running after. They even got to play in the slide with Kayla going first to break of the ice and baby sister following. Kaitlyn just flew past by and flopped on the snow still sitting down. Finally when Daddy was finished putting air on the lawn mower tractor tire he took it out, went to the basement and took the sledding board up. Kayla was already excited when we told her that daddy will pull her behind the lawnmower around the backyard. Both girls were screaming with delight at first but after the second turn Kaitlyn had already enough and started to cry, lol. She was so tired after the escapades we did outside in the snow this morning that she took a very long nap. What we wouldn't do for our kids huh?


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