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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


In today's economy I always wonder and worry if we will be able to manage a house, pool, cars and having another baby. In a one income family you cant help but worry about these thing. In the process we forgo with things that we really need since we have to first priorities the bills. Like take for example my husband, he wears glasses and he needed one right away. We couldn't replace his new glasses right away since it was to expensive and he had to wait. Finally he got a new glasses that cost so much. If only we knew that there were affordable inexpensive eyeglasses that we could purchased, he could have had a new pair of prescription eyeglasses right away. Things like that doesn't have to wait with Optical4less where you can get a top of the line inexpensive eyeglasses. They are not only affordable and easy on the budget they also have wide range of products including : tinted sunglasses, bifocal reading glasses, photochromic sunglasses and progressive reading sunglasses. It doesnt stop there, they do worldwide free shipping ( with order of more than 1 ) , fast delivery speed, virtual try-on system, and fashion trendy stylish frames for everyone.Now, if Ralph ever ruins or breaks his glasses we wont have to fret and worry about getting him a new one now that we know we can get quality, inexpensive prescription eyeglasses for him.


This video was taken when Kaitlyn my little terror was only 9 months old. She looked so different here and still such a baby. It was a typical morning for us and she was getting cranky since she was hungry and really wanted to eat. I didn't expect her to grab the cheerio before it even touched her little table. She has always been a good eater and this is one memory of her that i will treasure. This shows her being the little piggy that she is and she is like me, enjoying the finer things in life and that is FOOD!


As a parent you are always in the look out for anything that you think would put your children in danger. In the world and society that we live in, it is no longer safe for our kids. We have to keep watch on who our children associate with specially older people since we don't know if they are violent, sexual offenders or criminals. With the help of Prison Inmate Locator you can keep track and find out the records and whereabouts of criminals in your area. You can find federal records of anyone in any county, city and state in your area. It always pay to be aware and vigilant when it comes to the safety of your family.


Ye hey! I got a reprieve today from going out in the cold morning to walk Kayla to the bus stop. Since Ralph was home he usually walks her and also gets her at the bus stop in the afternoon. He knows i hate going outside in the cold weather and he takes pity on me. I just wake him up when its almost time to go out the door. The baby would cry every time they would leave, wanting to go out in the cold weather. If only it wasn't so darn cold i would take her out for a stroll but now that its definitely winter its out of the question. She is just stuck here in the house with me and terrorizing the dog and cats and making a mess of the whole house. Poor mama will have to clean up after her but still, i would rather stay inside than go outside...

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