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Sunday, November 16, 2008


With the holiday fast approaching, it is time to grant wishes. I'm no Genie that can just magically appear out of a lamp to grant wishes but I'm one heck of a good shopper. Finally, my family's wishes will be granted! Thanks to Sears Layaway, I will be able to get little stuff for my loved ones without having the burden to pay for it at one go. I will just pick my item and pay for it monthly at low increment payments that I can easily afford. And before I know it, the item will be paid in full and I can take it home with me.

For Hubby, I was thinking about getting him the Davidson 24 ft. Aluminum Extension Ladder with Quick-Equipped Rung lock. With this ladder in the shed, he will never have the excuse not to clean the gutter full of leaves. For Kayla - the big sister, since she just had a successful sleepover, I will be getting her the Spa Factory-Spa Party Sleepover for three which is excellent for slumber party. It has an easy carry handle and front closure which allows her to take it on the go. As for the baby, Buster the Busy Bus will do with lots of educational activities she can do and learn from. These things will be possible for me to get with the Sears Layaway program. My family's stockings will never be without a gift this year.


Yesterday was spent with a lot of family fun activity done. We did the hand molding and picture frame kit with Kayla and Kaitlyn, of course it was a total disaster when it come to her turn. We not only did that but did, Kayla's turkey project for her school and also painting.. The baby really enjoyed it since she got to mess around with the paint but kept licking her hands that was wet with paint. Daddy was of course very busy painting the hand mold we did of Kayla even though it wasn't the final one. All in all we had a blast yesterday as a family. Here are some of the pictures yesterday


November is rolling by as we speak and December will be here before we know it. I bet a lot of people, specially parents are thinking about the coming Christmas holiday.The hardest part is getting to know if you will be able to afford and get those things just in time for Christmas. I personally dread the holidays since it means spending money. We think about what toys are on the latest and hottest list, what clothes are trendy and what gadgets are useful. I don't dread it anymore this time, just knowing that Kmart Layaway is available for us and its the only store providing such programs that is beneficial to families and everyone. The programs affords families such as mine to have a Christmas worth remembering. Mr. Bluelight character has always lighted the way for American people to get top of the line appliances, to toys, clothing and many more at very affordable prices. Having trouble finding the right ornaments to decorate the house? Trouble yourself no more since they have unique assortments of boxed glass ornaments from an exclusive collection of Christopher Radko. Finding a toy for the big man in your life? No sweat, they have top of the line appliances and electronic system from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic. Clothes for you and the kids? They have it all, including the Jaclyn Smith 100% cashmere sweaters to popular Joe boxer apparel for the whole family. With that said no one will have a sad blue holiday season but a season filled blue with joy.
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Yesterday t i almost lost my baby girl Kaitlyn, she almost drowned in the bathtub. Here is the story:

At around 4:30 p.m. i decided to give the girls there bath early since Kayla will be having company over for her first ever sleep over. After washing them i stated filling up the tub with water so they could have a bubble bath and play for a little while. Both girls were in the tub playing. I was in the bathroom the whole time with them. I make it a point not to leave Kaitlyn in the tub with water. The water was not that deep but if Kaitlyn laid down she would drown in it. I turned my back for a second to get something out from under the sink when i heard :
Kayla : Menie look at her (giggling and laughing)
I turned around and Kaitlyn was submerged in the water and she was thrashing about trying to breath and get up but she didn't know how to. I just scooped her in my arms right then and there and stood her up. She was crying and breathing hard. I was calm but my heart felt like it wanted to jump out of my chest. I was so scared of what i saw. I had to explain to Kayla that if she ever saw baby sister in that position she should pick her up right away so she wont drown. She didn't know what happened to Kaitlyn. I was literally shaking inside. I will never ever turn my back on Kaitlyn when she is in the bath never again!!!! That served as a wake up call for me. I don't know if ill give her a bubble bath anytime soon. Thank God i didn't leave the room and Thank God she is alright...


FbdIt has been almost 13 months that I had a baby and I still have some baby weight. The hardest to get rid of is the belly fat. I used to have flat belly before I got pregnant. But that went down the hill when I had my baby. I didn't want to go on exercise and diet right after the baby since I really wanted to enjoy motherhood and simply not worry about what or how I look like. Now that the baby is already a year old, it is time for me to start that change and work on my belly. Do you know how hard it is to go on a diet when you don’t have any idea what you are suppose to eat or what food you should to stay away from? It is usually bound to fail if you don't have the proper guide on your diet. The Flat Belly Diet tells you exactly what you can eat and stay away from. Getting back to my pre-baby weight won’t be as hard if you have the proper food intake and balance food. The great thing about it is you don’t need exercise to help lose the weight since you will start losing weight with just the food you eat.
And do you know what the best thing is about? Diet food has never tasted and looked so good that you will forget that you are on a diet. Now wouldn't that be amazing?

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