The Designers Chic

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Its good to write again. To be in front of a computer and not just to satisfy my latest addiction. I am totally addicted to watching a series of shows. I have just finished watching Bones. From season 1 to the latest season now. I already knew about the show even back in the Philippines. My sister was really the one who started watching it first. I clearly remember which episode that was, It was when they got quarantined inside the lab just before Christmas. I so love the show. The characters are all so interesting and thrilling. The show in itself is full of humor, thrills and a lot in between. Have you seen that show? I got hooked and I stayed glued to my laptop whenever I could to finish watching my show. I am so totally addicted to watching series shows and that is my latest vice. That's the reason why I have been absent for a little while. My vice is, If I get hooked on something I don't stop until I am totally satisfied that I did good or that I finished it till the end.

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