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Monday, February 1, 2010


Just got off the phone, had to call my sister in Cebu to ask when they are gonna be getting the internet connection back. They finally reached the last straw and decided to leave Smart Bro and look for something better. The service that they have been getting was not bad but terrible. The have made several complaints about the signal and not being able to stay connected online. All the Smart technicians did was drive by looked at the antenna and that was it. No real action to the problem. Luckily I am no longer there if not I would have demanded that reimburse the monthly fee that they have been paying for a service not worth a dime.

My family will be using the prepaid plug in or something for the meantime until the DSL is available in their area. Hopefully when they do get the DSL they wont have the same problem with the signal and staying connected. If they keep having the same problem then its about high time I got them a new laptop. It's not a luxury but a necessity with me living in a different country and the internet being our main source of communication. I have really been looking at daily deal online to check out affordable laptops and gadgets as a gift from me to them. Hopefully I will have enough time to save up and buy one.


It looks like my trip to the Philippines is really pushing through. I will finally be at ease when we purchase the tickets in the next couple of days. Honestly I am very thrilled and scared at the same time. The pessimist in me is just raring to sprout out like another head on my shoulder, trying to make me look, feel and think at all the bad things that may happen to stop our trip. I use to be an optimistic little girl until I grew up and realized that it was better for me emotionally not to expect anything good. It didn't hurt as much, the disappointments are not as crippling. It's a shield that I have learned to put up around myself. I feel like I have let down God, In a way, I am. I am robbing myself from believing and trusting in his plans. It's easier to be a pessimist than an optimist. I have to learn to cut that impending other head off my shoulders and just go with the flow. Looking at the bright side of life is what I really need to do more and more. Life is to short and beautiful..

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