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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ever heard of the saying " Cleanliness is nest to Godlinesss?" As a parent I try to keep our home as clean and as safe as possible for my kids. When it comes to cleaning specially the bathroom i use a lot of products that have strong chemicals and also has strong odor. I'm a stay at home mom and Kaitlyn is always with me and when I'm cleaning I get scared that she may still inhale all those harmful fumes that's being released by the cleaning products that I use. I have heard so much about people using environment safe products like the MyCleaningProducts. There products not only works great on getting stubborn dirt, stains, molds and other stuff out but its also great for the family since the products infuses the home occupants with energy that comes from natural herbal ingredients. Looking into safe cleaning products should be a priority to parents like me. Getting a cleaning product that is safe for my kids is important and getting a product that really works is the big plus. One of my major problems cleaning the bathroom is the rust stain under the shower head. Its so hard to get rid of it and its literally a pain in the neck scrubbing just to get rid of it. If your looking into finding rust removers that actually works and safe for the environment give this product a shot. I saw the experiments they did to prove that the product really works wonders. If I had known about this before we would never had thrown away our set of small screw drivers that got rusted. Those stains, rust, molds and mildew better stay clear from me, I'm going to be armed with natural cleaning products next time.

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