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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's been two days since my last walk. Its not that I am lazy but the weather is kind of crazy right now. One day it was nice and warm and the next its gloomy and wet. I hate the cold so when its cold out I don't go outside. Both Ralph and I are on the same track wanting to loose weight. He wants to loose a little bit of weight before his surgery this coming April. My husband has a big gut, If he only looses a few inches around his mid section he will look incredible. I however tell him that he has lost most of the muscle tone in his arms. Since they have a gym at the Police Station he said he will try and lift some weights. With that I told him that he should take best creatine supplement to help develop her muscles. Did you know that vegetarian show lower levels of muscle Creatine and taking a Creatine supplement will increase it. And before I end this post he also told me something good worth rooting for. He want to quit smoking. He has tried several times but ends up going back and smoking more in the process. My solution is for him to just cut down on his smoking slowly and eventually he can stop. I just want our family to be healthy and I am glad that my husband and I see eye to eye on this.


My review for the latest Wii Games that we got for the kiddos. I have to learn to play the games as they look to me when they are stuck or can't figure it out. This review is from a mother's point of view who also happens to love playing the Wii..

DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS : The games graphic is great. It can be played two ways, using the nunchuks by attaching it to the controller or with just the controller using sideways. We prefer using the nunchuks as its easier. The main characters are Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
(smaller monkey). The games start off with easy levels. The game itself come with instruction in form of a pig, that teaches you the moves on how to get certain clues, object and to defeat enemies. The goal of the game is to collect clues and get all the letters to spell KONG. Pass each level to open another world. If the level is to hard you can always call on the super guide which comes in the form of a gray ape. In my humble opinion the game is to advance for kids under 7 years old. Kids over that age limit can pretty much do most of the games. Kayla does pretty good with the games and improves hand and eye coordination when using the nunchucks. Is it one of my favorite? For sure! Keeps me on my toes and challenges me. I do admit that I call on the super guide so I can see how the level is played then I try it again and again until I pass the level.

KIRBY'S EPIC YARN : Game very easy. Good for kids between 3-7 years of age. Kaitlyn is 3 years old and plays with Kayla. She knows how to do the game. Goal of the game is to collect as many gems, patches and hidden treasures in the game and to collect all the magic yarn to open all the worlds. For me the game teaches the kids how to play as a team and improves thinking. They figure out the best way to get certain objects or treasures with each others help. It's a very fun and easy game for kids. It kept me entertain and I even finished the whole game. Although, I have yet to open up all the doors on each levels but I did defeat the last monster which was Master Ying Yarn. If you have older kids and love new challenges get them the Donkey Kong. For younger kids get them Kirby's Epic Yarn.

That is my review for both games. If you do get the game please let me know how everyone in your family likes it. And share your review on the game. Remember to ask attendants if they have played the game and listen to what they have to say. Most often than not, they have already played the game and will tell you if its the right gaming age for your kids.

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