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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's been two days since my last walk. Its not that I am lazy but the weather is kind of crazy right now. One day it was nice and warm and the next its gloomy and wet. I hate the cold so when its cold out I don't go outside. Both Ralph and I are on the same track wanting to loose weight. He wants to loose a little bit of weight before his surgery this coming April. My husband has a big gut, If he only looses a few inches around his mid section he will look incredible. I however tell him that he has lost most of the muscle tone in his arms. Since they have a gym at the Police Station he said he will try and lift some weights. With that I told him that he should take best creatine supplement to help develop her muscles. Did you know that vegetarian show lower levels of muscle Creatine and taking a Creatine supplement will increase it. And before I end this post he also told me something good worth rooting for. He want to quit smoking. He has tried several times but ends up going back and smoking more in the process. My solution is for him to just cut down on his smoking slowly and eventually he can stop. I just want our family to be healthy and I am glad that my husband and I see eye to eye on this.



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