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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This was Kaitlyn earlier this morning:

. She took her first few steps at exactly 10 months. Monday she turned 11 months and now she is walking like a pro however, she doesn't like wearing shoes or anything on her feet. Its already autumn and with that comes cold weather. As you can see our floor is not carpeted so that means cold floors and cold feet. To avoid cold feet i bought her this elephant slippers at Walmart for $5 . It was just so cute and mama couldn't resist herself,lol..

When we went downstairs i put her slippers on,she wanted it off. I put her on the floor but she would not budge or even move an inch. She was afraid not of the slippers but of falling. Getting use to wearing something on your feet takes time. I had to let her hold on to my finger so she would feel secure and walk with her slippers on. I couldn't resist snapping pictures so that means letting go of her while doing it. She cried so much and was so upset with me for letting her go,but that got her walking by herself. Soon after she realized that she could walk in it and she wouldn't slip or fall.

The first few steps are always the hard part but after getting over that hurdle she was walking around the house and loving it.The important thing is, it kept her little footsies toasty warm!


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