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Sunday, December 26, 2010


How did your Christmas celebration go? Did everyone in your family get the perfect gift? I got mine, a new stand mixer. Husband got what he needed, a new blue tooth for his cellphone while MIL got a new printer for her computer. My kids got a lot of presents from us as well as from their aunt and uncle. This year we were a little tight on money and we could not afford to get all our nephews and nieces presents. I however got a little something fro my SIL who has been great to my kids. Kaitlyn loves her Aunt Debbie and helped me picked out a turquoise necklace and earrings for her. As for my BIL I didn't even get him anything. I feel so bad about it, I could have gotten him a pack of 5 romeo y julieta cigars as a Christmas present. Him being a smoker, I know he would appreciate a good cigar. Maybe I could still get that for him and just give it as a belated Christmas present from all of us. That's not a bad idea, and maybe with all the after Christmas day sale I can also get good bargains for all our nephews and nieces. As the saying goes " better late than never!".


Christmas season has always been good for my kids. This year we got the kids lesser stuff but we got them what they really wanted. I got a lot of stuff from my husband as well and so did he. I do miss my family back home. Its bittersweet when I see pictures of Christmas Noche Buena from my family and friends in the Philippines. Christmas day uploading pictures in Facebook was so slow due to people uploading pictures at the same time. Its a good thing that digital camera is popular and used by most people. My husband got me a new camera but he said he thought about getting me more usb drives so I can put all the pictures on it. I still have one that I just started using but i will be needing another one with me having a new camera again. Since my new iPhone 4 takes good pictures and lets me upload pictures directly to my social network sites, I have not really used the digital camera, but with my new camera I will be back to capturing precious moments of my family at work or play.


On Holiday season, do you make it a point to buy cards to send out to friends and family? Ever since I have always been bad when it comes to sending out letter,cards, invitations,ect. But this year, I was finally able to mail a couple of cards to my friends before Christmas. I felt so good until I found out that my friends didn't get any of the cards I sent out yet,lol. Oh well, its the thought that counts and that I remembered them on this special occasion. This year I only got a few cards from the mail. As usually I got the Christmas Card and Christmas Party Invitations from my family in NJ and from my friend in Virginia. I swear Christmas time is the busiest time of the year for Filipinos. Lots of parties and gatherings to attend and the food are to die for. To bad we can't make it to my Aunt and Uncle's yearly New Years Eve party this year. Ralph has to work early on New Years Day, if it was only near I would not hesitate to go. Hopefully next year we can make it.

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