The Designers Chic

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas season has always been good for my kids. This year we got the kids lesser stuff but we got them what they really wanted. I got a lot of stuff from my husband as well and so did he. I do miss my family back home. Its bittersweet when I see pictures of Christmas Noche Buena from my family and friends in the Philippines. Christmas day uploading pictures in Facebook was so slow due to people uploading pictures at the same time. Its a good thing that digital camera is popular and used by most people. My husband got me a new camera but he said he thought about getting me more usb drives so I can put all the pictures on it. I still have one that I just started using but i will be needing another one with me having a new camera again. Since my new iPhone 4 takes good pictures and lets me upload pictures directly to my social network sites, I have not really used the digital camera, but with my new camera I will be back to capturing precious moments of my family at work or play.



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