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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Kicking the bad habit is not as easy to let go. I tend to get addicted on certain stuff and will not stop until I have gotten my fix. I am not talking about drugs, alcohol or smoking. My addiction tends to point towards online games, craft, more online games and of course watching a marathon of different shows. Staying up so late at night and waking up early is wreaking havoc to my system specially my eyes. Ever heard of the raccoon eyes? Well, I have those from watching to much of Criminal Minds. I just need to finish Season 4 and 5, after that I will probably need more than the eye cream for dark circles. What I will need is some new set of fresh looking eyes. I'm surprised that I don't have bloodshot eyes when I wake up in the morning. Next week I should be done watching season 1-5 of Criminal Minds, after that I dunno. If my eyes wont fall out of its socket, maybe I will start watching another series like Bones or Law and Order SVU.


It seems like the Oil spill is still not in control. I would have thought that by now the Corporation responsible would have a solution already. My husband told me that the oil spill will cause a ripple effect on everything else. With the oil still spewing from underneath the water it seems like the marine life will suffer. As for those worker working on the rig I hope they got compensated for everything that they went through. According to the Louisiana Jones Act injured seamen and their families are entitled to compensation for the injuries they got. Hopefully the families of those men that got hurt in the oil rig explosion get the help they need. The most important thing that needs to be done is for the oil spill be controlled so that the marine life won't be in danger.


That is Andrew and his son Andrew Jr., its the little guys first time to be in the pool. The water is only 72 degrees but with the weather at around 87 it was perfect to be in the pool. He loved the pool but did not like the little float I got for him. He cried out so much so we decided to put him in the other baby floater that is made out of mesh. I forgot to take pictures of him in it, I was in the pool already. Water was so refreshing, if you get cold all you have to do is stay under the sun and the chill will be gone in a flash. He had so much fun kicking his leg under the water and just kept on smiling. Hopefully next year when they come down for the Summer he will be able to wear Kaitlyn's old life vest so he can just swim around to his hearts content without anybody holding on to him.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Mother's day have come and gone. I got a great present for Mother's day from my hubby. Now its my turn to find that perfect Father's day gifts that will make any father smile. If I know my husband he would just say that I don't need to get him anything, as long as his kids are healthy and we are happy that is enough of a present for him. For now, I am already on the look out for the perfect gift. I don't usually give my husband present on Father's day but I want to be different this year. Finding out what he want is going to be hard. Ahah! I just had a light bulb moment, lol. He only has one sandal to wear on the summer season so I am getting him another pair. If not, I will just have to keep on fishing for what he really wants, he will eventually let it slip out. I will just have to be sneaky about it.


I am so relieved to find out that I have paid of my credit card. I thought that I still had a remaining balance but I was wrong. So far I think I have a perfect credit score, I have not missed one single payment. Ralph has been reminding me to keep track of my payment since I am still building up my credit history. I wonder if I try free credit report and find out what my score is. Ralph said I should at least wait 3 more months before we try to get my credit history. As long as I keep track on paying on time and keeping track of my spending I should be alright. For now I am just happy that I paid off my credit card, I am hoping to get another raise on my credit line though. Maybe they will give me an increase next month, if won't matter if they wont increase it.


I have been so busy today. Andrew, Ralph nephew got down to business early this morning by pulling out the old fence we had and digging them up. I had to go with him to Lowe's to get some concrete to put on the base on the ground for the fence. Kaitlyn and I were useless to him at Lowe's, we only went with him for the reason that I had to pay for the stuff in case they won't accept returns for the hinges that Andrew bought for the fence at Lowe's in New Jersey. Thankfully they gave us the money back and he did not have to need me for the debit card at all. Andrew knows a whole lot of other stuff, he is what we call " Jack of all Trades". He would probably make a lot of money that involves in and out of the house. He could get an energy auditor certification since he wants to know more . Andrew knows that he has to work extra hard now so he can provide a better future for his son and we are all so happy to see that he is doing just that. One weekends he tries to get extra jobs like doing manual stuff for additional income. I can tell that Ralph is very proud of Andrew and hopes that he will improve more. Anyway, by tomorrow all he has to do is put up the gates and our fence will be complete.


My cellphone in pieces. Somebody ran over my phone when it accidentally fell without my knowledge at ShopRite parking space. We were at ShopRite getting stuff for the bbq tomorrow. I put my phone in my sweater. We took the Jaguar instead of the Van today. The Jaguar is low so I figured my phone must have slip out as I was getting in the car. We were already half way home when I noticed my phone was missing. We could not find it in the car and thought it was in the trunk but it wasn't. I kept calling it hoping that I left it at the store but it would go to my voice mail. I told my MIL we had to go back for my phone, as soon as we got to where we parked I saw my phone in pieces under a car. I felt ready to cry coz I had a lot of pictures of the kids on my phone. When we got home I told Ralph right away, he said that he will take me to the Mall tomorrow to get a new phone. His old phone that Kaitlyn washed in the dog's water bowl is still working so I told him that I will just use that instead of getting a new one. Still, he wants me to check out the other phone at the Mall. I hope I could get my pictures back but I doubt it. It was stupid of me to have put my phone in my sweater pocket, I usually put it in my bag but I was so busy today that I just forgot. By this time tomorrow I will have a new phone.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Thank God the kids will be inside, no swimming today. It has been so hot that today was actually cool and nice. I don't have to wear my bathing suit top and expose my flabby belly. I really have to work on firming up my stomach so I won't feel to self conscious about my body. I just need motivation to get on the elliptical and stationery bike in the house to start loosing weight. I need some other fitness equipment that targets my stomach and not just my legs, thigh and cardio. Fitness equipments are expensive but if you get refurbished fitness equipment it will same you a lot of money. What I need is something that can help me do crunches and sit ups easy without straining my neck and lower back. I just have to convince Ralph to get me one and actually use it and not just let it sit and collect dust in the basement. One more month and I am off for a vacation. Do you think I still have time to firm up my tummy?


Our neighborhood is awesome. What I love about where we live is the peace and quiet. But the one thing that is love about where we live is its safe for our kids to play outside in the backyard as well as in the front porch. Neighbors watch out for each other and help out when they can. There is only two houses with kids in our street but their will be an addition soon. One neighbor is ready to give birth next month. I haven't seen her lately, probably busy with her friends picking out baby shower invitations.We are hoping that she has a safe delivery. Ralph told me that Ashley's baby has a complication and she will have a C-section due to the baby's bowels developing outside its tummy. I just hope both mom and baby will be alright and I can't wait to pick out cute onesies for the baby, just need to find out about the sex of the baby.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


That my friends is a MOLE. I think its just a baby one, found it on the ground in the backyard lifeless. What is a Mole? According to Wikipedia , Moles are the majority of the members of the mammal family Talpidae in the order Soricomorpha . Although moles burrow, some species are semi-aquatic. Moles have cylindrical bodies covered in fur while the ears are generally not visible. They have small or covered eyes and can probably still tell night from day, although they are otherwise blind. Moles eat small invertebrates living underground.

I believe our dog Sunny had a major part on the demise of these small mammal. The mole's diet consist of earthworms and for that reason I think I like them. Earthworms is among the list of my freak out fears, lol. But anyway, I felt bad for the little creature but I also can't blame our dog. He is only doing what is natural for him and this way its keeps them at bay and they won't keep burrowing under the ground and making holes in our backyard. I just hope that this little guy is the last of them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


As a housewife one of your many duties is keeping up with the household chores. I know a lot of people think that being a stay at home mom is easy peezy, not! Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful that my husband has given me the luxury of not having to work and earn money. I do my part in our marriage and its to keep everything together. Lately I have been lagging behind on my house work. Cleaning up over and over again, dusting, laundry,vacuuming,tidying up,washing dishes the cycle just repeats over and over again. The inside of our house needs more decoration, little knick-knacks here and there. I need entertainment centers for the family room and the playroom, more picture frames, shelves,stair runners and window treatments. That is going to be my project for this year, to try and make our house more homey and lived in. Its a good thing I'll be seeing my mom soon so she can give me great tips on how to decorate my house without breaking the bank.


Do you know the good thing about having a laptop is that you can stay online surfing the net or just checking your e-mail anywhere around the house? Laptops nowadays are no longer considered a want but a need, most specially to students that do a lot of research and term papers. My laptop was a gift from hubby last 2008. It's only been lately that I have been using my laptop on a daily basis for the purpose of watching the newest show I am crazy about. With my frequent use I have been noticing that my computer has been running slow of late. I worry if its a virus or if I have used up almost all of the laptop memory. I really hope its not a virus coz if it is I can't afford to have this fixed. Having someone look at your computer or laptop is downright expensive that sometimes it comes to a point its better to buy a new one instead having your old one fix. If that happens I have my eye set on getting those handy Ipad. I really shouldn't get it or even ask my hubby to buy it for me as a gift coz I am not techno savvy and I really have no use for it. I will just have to make sure that my anti-virus is working hard and is keeping those darn viruses at bay.


I am Ms. Practicality, well most of the time. Before buying things I usually think if I need it or I just want it. You see wanting and needing are to different things. Want is something that you really desire and fills almost your every thought or dreams but you don't have any practical use for it. Need on the other hand is something you have to get for the reason that is it useful to you and you use it frequently. I am like that, I do want a lot of things but I try to decide all the time if I want or need it. Lets take for example the newest gift I got for Mother's day from my husband. I have been looking at ipods online and in the stores for the longest time. It is really just a want for my case since I really don't have any use for it. That did not stop me from hounding hubby if he would get it for me as a Mother's day gift. He did not looked convinced when I told him why I wanted it but he knew how long I have been dying to own one so I could listen to music while I clean the house and exercising. By the looks of it I was not getting it but the day before Mother's day he presented me with my very own Ipod Nano. I was so happy but I felt guilty right after. Guilty because I know how much it cost and It is not a need for me but just a want. Oh well, I don't splurge on any other stuff anyways. The two most expensive things I have are my laptop and Ipod. Next time I will try to be more and more practical and only ask hubby to get me gifts that I could really use and need around the house. Aside from what I got I still consider myself Ms. Practicality. How about you?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today's weather was perfect with lots of sun and mild winds. After picking up both Kayla and her friend Kelly at the bus stop I got all the kids ready to go in the pool. With mother nature visiting me I could not very well get in the pool with the kids and also makes a pretty good excuse not to get in the freezing water. Since I was going to watch the kids in the pool I had to wear my bathing suit top and shorts. I was appalled to see how big and flabby my stomach was. Got me thinking about trying one of those many diet pills that have been sprouting out like mushrooms in the market. Trying out diet pills make me leery though specially when you hear some of the reviews that are not so good. You hear diet pill reviews that are hot in the market just because they endorsed by Hollywood stars. Like the quick trim product that is endorsed the the Kardasian sisters. The quicktrim reviews about the product doesn't sound too good. That is why it is important to do your own research when taking something your not familiar with. For me the best review comes from someone you personally know and have seen the full effect of the product.


Anyone want to go on a hay ride? It's not really a hay ride but more of a lawn mower ride, lol. That was taken last week when Ralph was getting the yard ready to be cut the next day. He had to pick up the little twigs and branches that fell of the tree. He hooked up the trailer behind the lawnmower so he could put the little twigs and branches in it. The kids looked like they were getting bored so he told the kids to climb aboard for a lawnmower ride. Let me tell you the kids were all excited and just laughed and giggled. From L-R are Joey, Kelly, Kaitlyn and Kayla. Ralph drove around the backyard entertaining the kids. My husband is such a great dad and would go to any lengths to make anything fun for his kids.


It amazes me how a family can change one persons life. Andrew, Ralph nephew has changed so much and more now that his a family man. He had a rough life and we thought he was never going to clean up his act. When his girlfriend got pregnant and had a baby he stepped up right to the plate. He adores his son and is working his butt off to support his family. They have been coming down for the weekend to help Ralph with stuff around the house. While they were here they got to talking about insurance, from cars to life insurance. Ralph asked Andrew what his plans are and to make sure that he gets that covered. I know Andrew is taking Ralph's advice to heart, he should look into insurancespecialists. He knows that once he is more settled and regular at his work he will have to take care of the insurance for his son and his family. And Ralph has seen what his nephew can do if he sets his mind to it and knows that Andrew will go a long way if he keeps up and has a good head on his shoulder.


Remembering what I did while still pregnant brings back poignant memories. How I miss those times where Its just me and Kaitlyn still inside my stomach moving around. My past time was eating, sleeping on the computer and of course the television. The bed and couch were my best buddies. As my stomach got bigger and bigger sleep seems to have abandoned me. Awake in the wee hours of the morning watching television. The commercial kept me entertained though. Have you noticed the infomercials late at night? All kinds from acne face wash, to acne creams, weight loss pills, exercise equipments, kitchen gadgets and many more. When you get so tuned in and focus its like your being brain washed into buying all these products. I have gotten tempted so many times, luckily I did not have any credit car to my name,lol. If my mom was living here with us in America she would go nuts over the gadgets here and there.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Who said saying goodbye would be easy? Ghost Whisperer is bidding adieu to its millions of viewers for the last time Friday May 21. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the news that Ghost Whisperer was one of the shows that CBS is not canceling. I have been an avid viewer of the show and believes its a mistake that that they are letting go of the show. At first I did not want to watch it because of Jennifer Love Hewitt who plays Melinda Gordon the woman who can see and speak to ghost. My MIL got me hooked on the show and I just fell in love with Melinda and I joined in all her quest in finding peace and crossing over the spirit to the light. I just hope that the rumors are true that ABC will pick up the show. If not, a part of my spirit will be wandering in TV land waiting for Melinda Gordon to cross me over to the light.


I am not feeling good today. I just got my monthly visit from mother nature which means I am definitely not pregnant. No wonder I have been getting those massive headaches for the past 2 days. The weather today blend with my mood of just feeling blah. I decided not to go with Ralph to pick up Kayla in Baltimore, instead I did fold the rest of the laundry that has been screaming my name. I did enjoy peace and quiet watching my favorite shows whilst laying on my new couch, lol. Summer is creeping up fast, the news is full of ways to slim down and get that bikini bod. The news also happen to mention about ways of making your legs look sexier and ready for the summer. I wonder if they were going to do a segment about cellulite and cellulite cure, varicose veins, spider viens, and so much more. I never had a problem with those when I was still single. My friends and family all agree that I have a killer legs. Let me correct that, they did. I am not to worried about it though, I have more things to worry about like my expanding belly fat,lol.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. ~Malcolm S. Forbes

All parents want the right education for their kids. With that being said we all want what is best for them. Our niece Kristen is soon to be graduating high school and she has yet to decide what degree what is taking up and schools she wants to look into. But before she decides to do any of that she has to make sure that she not only get good grades but also score and excellent mark on her SAT's. SAT is a standardized test that includes critical reading, math and writting for college addmission. I hope Kristen thinks about sat prep to help her prepare for the big test. She know that in order to get to a good college she has to do good on her SAT as well. When the time comes for our kids turn we know that they will have to take the SAT's we will have a back up plan to help them prepare for this important test.


Andrew the builder

Presenting our the kids newest swing set....

The very first swing set we got for the kids was old. Ralph bought from his friend for $150. It did work for the kids but the swing set would sway back and forth when the kids get on the swing. It made us all nervous and worried about the kids safety. Three weeks ago Ralph nephew Andrew came down for the weekend to put up the fence we were going to buy. As it turned out the fence had to be ordered and would not come in another 2 weeks. Since Andrew didn't have any thing to do Ralph decided to get the swing set at BJ's. It had to be installed and Andrew is very good at these kinds of stuff. The swing set is only $899. It is a great price considering how big and nice it it. Before we decided about getting a new swing set of the kiddos we shopped around and by golly swing sets are just so darn expensive. The cheapest we saw with just the most basic accessory was about $1700. But anyway, we are so pleased with the bargain we got with this swing set. Andrew had to put it all together and took him about 15 hrs. to finally put it all together. If everything was all labeled it would have taken him just 5 hours but nothing was labeled at all. I was very very impressed by his dedication and he did a great job.

Sing set:
  • 2 swings
  • glider
  • monkey bar
  • rock climb
  • club house
  • slide
  • and a picnic table
Now our backyard is a complete haven for our kids. We have the swing set, sand box , swimming pool and more than enough room to run around or even add on to the swing set. What more can a kid want?

Friday, May 14, 2010

4 OUT OF 6

When we switched from Comcast to Verizon Fios we had to answer a few questions like what kind of package we wanted, the premium channels we prefer and how many TV's we have in the house. When the agent said that both Ralph and I just laughed and told him we have 6 television in the house. He said that one family had 12 working television in their house when he was doing his canvass. Out of 6 we only have a total of 4 HDTV, one in our room, MIL sitting area, kids room and the family room. Having a lot of television reduces the fight over cartoons to watch or movies,the bad side is electricity, lol. The next time we buy a television will either be to replace the one in the playroom or for the guest room upstairs.


Doesn't it feel good when people tell you that your not as big as you think? Most of the time people get surprised when I say I am fat. Like today at the bus stop I said something to Kaitlyn not to touch my belly fat and all of the parents that were there said " what fat? we only wish we were as small as you?". With those words it made me feel that I should not worry about how I look so much. I promised that I was going to start my strict diet and exercise this month but its all out of the window. Food is just not something I can deny myself, food runs through my veins. With that said I am really looking into trying any fat burning products in the market. I know that a lot of fat burners are out there like the apidexin, I still have to do my research if it is the right one for me. I should try taking some fat burners soon before my upcoming trip.


We all know on Mother's day our kids make something special just for us moms. Last week, Kayla came home from school with this fake potted flower. I didn't see it right away since Ralph was the one who picked up Kayla at the bus stop. She just came over to me, gave me a big hug and gave me the flowers. I got teary eyed when I saw what the message was, It said " I LOVE YOU MOM!".

Before Ralph let Kayla give me the flowers he asked her who is she giving the flowers to, is it for her mommy of for me. Then she replied its for "mama" daddy. For those who don't know, Kayla is my stepdaughter. Every time she comes home from school and brings something that is for a mother Ralph makes sure to ask her if its for me or for her real mom. She is always very clear on what she makes for me and what she makes for her mom. It makes me smile that Kayla thinks of me also as a mom and not just a stepmother. I am not trying to replace her mom and I will never be able to replace her mom. To my oldest daughter Kayla:

Thank you manang for loving me and appreciating what I do for you and your sister. I love Manang!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It is such a relief that Kaitlyn finally got the shots she needs for our upcoming vacation to the Philippines. Not only was I relieved because of that but I got the chance to show her pediatrician a few lumps I had found on her thighs. I have worrying about what it could be for more than a month. She has eczema so at first I thought she would only need a treatment of eczema, I hoped it would cure those little lumps on her legs. So when her eczema medication didn't work that was when I started to worry. Yesterday, we finally know what it is. I started putting the cream and It seems to be working. She was so good at the doctors and did not even cry when she was given her shots. I guess she was way to distracted by her daddy playing with her to notice the shot being administered. She did say "ouchy mama" but only for a split second. Such a brave young thing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Food has always been my passion. If you put food beside a cute dress, cellphone or anything else I would make a bee line for the food right away. Its a no brainer picking the food. I just get a whole sense of fulfillment when I take that first bite, followed by more. I grew up skinny as a twig, I ate like a horse but I was still a bean pole. They could not understand why I was so skinny. It eventually caught up on me when I matured. Those times that I was gaining weight I thought I looked more fuller and curvier. Thoughts of taking fat burning product never crossed my mind. Back then all I had to do was cut down on one thing, my rice intake. The first time I cut down on my rice I lost weight in less than a month. My cousin was so shocked to see how much I lost and how fast I did it. I didn't have to be hungry but I did have to stay away from the table as soon as I was done eating so to avoid temptation. Have to tried cutting down on a certain food you like?

Friday, May 7, 2010


A couple of weeks ago Kaitlyn and I braved Christiana Mall by ourselves. I admit I was pretty nervous since I was my first time ever to with just the two of us. With a toddler in tow you will never know what kind of mood they are in. Before we left the house I had a little talk with Kaitlyn and told her that it was just her and me and that she has to behave really really good and listen to mama. To set the mood I dressed her in clothes she liked and even brought the stroller at her request. MIL had to drive Ralph to his doctor's appointment and we just hitched a ride with them.

This was the moment of truth I said to myself, no going back and calling them right away to pick me up. Kaitlyn wanted to sit in her stroller which was perfect so I could just walk and head on to where I wanted. First stop was JCPENNEY. I browsed around and found a couple of clothes I wanted to try on. So off we went to find a fitting room, most of the clothes didn't fit right but Kaitlyn kept saying I looked beautiful, lol. I finally got a cute summer outfit cheap. Next we went to the kids department and got a few outfits for my friends children back home. The photos above was taken beside Piercing Pagoda Jewelry. I had to return the necklace we bought for her last year and had it replaced. Luckily we had it insured.

I was so impressed with my little girl, she was so behaved and good at the Mall. We did a lot of detour to the bathroom since she had to go potty from drinking that soda and the slushy I got for us. After eating I gave her a reward and took her to a part of the mall where they had those kiddie ride stuff that you have to put quarters in. She had a blast with that motorcycle. All in all it was a great mother and daughter outing for the both of us.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It has been such a wonderful hot hot weekend! A lot of traffic on our way to pick up Kayla in Baltimore. Again, it was mostly people coming home from the beach. We were beside this big fancy RV that was just huge and looked so spacious. Ralph promptly said " hun, how would you feel about owning one of those?". I really wouldn't object since it will make traveling more convenient and smoother specially since we have kids. We could even take our dog with us and just stay in camping grounds. Traveling to other state and just seeing the wonderful sites as we drive by would be a great experience for the kids. I will be of no help on the wheel though with me not knowing how to drive just yet. The only drawback I see about getting an RV is the maintenance and the gasoline. Those huge recreational vehicle looks like they are gas guzzlers and what about the rv repair, it must cost a lot of money for that alone. Our neighbor has one but we are not friendly with them after they got prissy about our backyard and the loose branches we have yet to get rid of a year and a half ago. After that incident, we avoid talking to him or even saying hello. But anyway, our prissy neighbor has been getting friendly with Ralph again and who knows, hubby might one day ask about his RV.

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