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Friday, May 14, 2010


We all know on Mother's day our kids make something special just for us moms. Last week, Kayla came home from school with this fake potted flower. I didn't see it right away since Ralph was the one who picked up Kayla at the bus stop. She just came over to me, gave me a big hug and gave me the flowers. I got teary eyed when I saw what the message was, It said " I LOVE YOU MOM!".

Before Ralph let Kayla give me the flowers he asked her who is she giving the flowers to, is it for her mommy of for me. Then she replied its for "mama" daddy. For those who don't know, Kayla is my stepdaughter. Every time she comes home from school and brings something that is for a mother Ralph makes sure to ask her if its for me or for her real mom. She is always very clear on what she makes for me and what she makes for her mom. It makes me smile that Kayla thinks of me also as a mom and not just a stepmother. I am not trying to replace her mom and I will never be able to replace her mom. To my oldest daughter Kayla:

Thank you manang for loving me and appreciating what I do for you and your sister. I love Manang!


Unknown said...

Ka sweet ni Kayla mura gi treat jd ka niya ug mama lods coz you were there when she was little and take care of her school stuff. Sweri sd siya to have maalagang mommy like you lods.


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