The Designers Chic

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It is such a relief that Kaitlyn finally got the shots she needs for our upcoming vacation to the Philippines. Not only was I relieved because of that but I got the chance to show her pediatrician a few lumps I had found on her thighs. I have worrying about what it could be for more than a month. She has eczema so at first I thought she would only need a treatment of eczema, I hoped it would cure those little lumps on her legs. So when her eczema medication didn't work that was when I started to worry. Yesterday, we finally know what it is. I started putting the cream and It seems to be working. She was so good at the doctors and did not even cry when she was given her shots. I guess she was way to distracted by her daddy playing with her to notice the shot being administered. She did say "ouchy mama" but only for a split second. Such a brave young thing.



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