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Saturday, February 28, 2009


I don't often say this but i am so thankful to have good health and that i don't take any medications at all.If you have a relative, friend or know someone who suffers from Psoriasis a chronic immune system disease which causes red, thick patches to develop on the skin they need to find out about this drug called Raptiva.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently doing an investigation regarding the drug Raptiva. Over the years Genentech has been required by the FDA to add a Black Box Warning. The medication Raptiva is a Genentech drug use to treat Psoriasis and now the drug is found out to be linked to a rare brain infection called Progressive Mutifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML). It is a viral disease of the brain which often occurs in people who has had organ transplant, undergoing chronic corticosteroid or immunosuppressive therapy, Hodgkin's disease and other cancers.Someone who has suffered psoriasis and had complications due to taking the drug Raptiva that they could be entitled to a compensation. To know more about it go to and find out if you qualify to be compensated for the suffering, medical bills and loss that you may have had. It pays to be diligent and mindful of the medications that your family is taking. Be aware and tell someone what you just found out about Raptiva, who knows you may have saved his/her life.


I just want to take this time to greet my MIL a happy happy 67th birthday. She has been a great MIL and grandma to our kids, she welcomed me in her family with open arms. Mom you know that i love you and i love you more for loving my kids. You did a wonderful job of raising your 3 boys all by yourself and i know your boys are so proud of you. We love you mom and more birthdays to come and good health


A friend once told me that he finds pregnant women the most beautiful and sexiest, they have this aura of glow about them that makes them stand out among the crowd. Nothing is sexier that a woman carrying and nurturing a tiny human being inside of them. I thought i was at my peak when i was pregnant with my daughter. Even with my hormones out of whack i considered myself at my healthiest and gorgeous stage of my life. For some pregnant women they develop problems like dry skin, break outs, uneven skin tone and many more. Unlike most women expectant mothers cant just use any products, creams or ointments out there to help with skin problems. Since most skin or beauty products contain harmful chemicals that is absorb via the skin it is therefore not good for pregnant women. Have you noticed that expectant mothers in Hollywood still look ravishing with healthier looking skin? That is because the have found Beaute de Maman its an all natural herbal line of beauty and skin care product specially for pregnant women. It was developed by a board certified obstetrician to help deal with the problems related to pregnancy. For all those soon-to-be moms out there who are having a hard time looking for a line of beauty and skin care product that is good for you and harmless to your baby Beaute de Maman is the one for you,order now and get that healthy glow back to your skin.


The "Let's Be Friends" Award represents:

These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

I got another award from my friend mommy gen. Thank you mom gen for opening your arms and welcoming me in your sphere of friends. I value friendship and guard it fiercely. I consider myself a good, loyal,trustworthy and funny friend. Most people think I'm a meanie but once you get to know me you will see that outside that mean hard outer looking shell lurks a very soft jelly fish afraid to be hurt. I am giving this award to the following :

my sister : insanely chay
Jacy : reveries of jacy
jenneth : sweet haven
rachel : a vantage point of a lady
adin : mommy's gossip corner
cecile : kitchen the heart of our home
eden : moments to remember

Thursday, February 26, 2009

FindHub IT ALL

Are you one of those who go online a lot to search for something? Ralph is one of those who depends on a Search Engines to find what he is looking for. And 7 out of 10 he finds what he wants. He complains about not getting the results he wants and ends up getting frustrated for the amount of time he spends looking. Ralph would say why hasn't anybody come up with a search engine that does everything from travel, videos, dictionary and everything. Well hun, FindHub is the newest search engine that does it all. Don't be a slave to the regular search engine that you have now, switch over your homepage I know I am.


Finally after two years of waiting and putting off my Adjustment of Status for very legitimate reasons i am finally going to have my biometrics tomorrow. My appointment is at Dover at 9:00 am in the morning. Ralph had to take the day off to drive me there and were gonna have to drop of Kayla at her friends house shortly before 7:30 am so she will walk with them to the bus stop. I already told Kayla that she will have to walk with them to the bus stop in the morning so i could get my I.D. and she bought it. I told her that daddy had to drive me since i don't know how to drive but when i get my Status done ill finally be able to learn driving and get a licence. And i could take her and baby sister out to the mall. I'm excited about tomorrow, the only thing is i have to wake up earlier than usual to get ready and both girls ready. Wish me luck tomorrow.


In this trying economic times we all do our share to stretch a buck as much as we can. Its not only America that is going through a recession its all over the world. People are loosing their jobs, businesses and homes. Our family is not exception to the hardship that all people are going through. We just have to find a way to help make ends meet, but there are still times you need money for important things. That when Payday Loans can be another alternative to help until the next pay check comes in. Due to Ralph's previous divorce he was not able to maintain a good credit score and if fact his score is poor. With a good Payday Loans Mania they don't even need to check on your credit, all they need is basic information and you can easily get a loan to tide you over. So, if your in a bind and need cash, check them I'm sure you'll get approved.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I miss my mom so much and i talk to her as much as i can. Now, I'm still talking to my mom online right now via the voice chat. She was telling me about what happened to her while she was at her Aunt's funeral. Most people admire my mom not just for her personality but also for her beauty. My mom is on the heavy side but you can never deny that she is beautiful fat or thin. She was telling me how her past friends were drilling her about her life, her looks, her marriage and everything. People tend to be envious of other people's life and would want to make them seem like they have a better life than hers. I miss my mom since she is such good person and her friends love her so much. I want to protect my mom and shower her with so much love, material things and many more. It's just to bad that I'm not rich or else my mom would be living like a queen, a position which she deserves. I love you mama and don't worry about what other people will say, you are beautiful, sexy and wonderful.


Finding true love takes time, effort, honesty and of course your whole self. My sister just did a recent post about Internet romance if it works or not. I am glad to announce that it does work and my marriage is proof of that. Among my friends I was the only one who didn't have a boyfriend. I was not bad looking but I guess it just wasn't the right time and the right place for me to meet that special someone in my life. Just as I was about to give up on love and enjoy blessed singleness I met Ralph. It couldn't have been more perfect, he was literally the answer to all my prayers. Finding the right Internet Dating Site is also a big factor to finding the right person just for you. Since I'm happily married now, I went on to the passion search to look for a soul mate for my sister. Its different from any other site I have ever been and believe me I have been to many online dating sites. This one is way fast and user friendly. I have tried signing up not for me but someone for my older sister. Searching is a breeze. They can even narrow down the place where you want to meet someone from their country to their city. That's just incredible. They will also match you to someone who has the same personality and likes as you do. Unlike most dating site in Passion Search you can even see who is on cam and who is not so for single men and ladies out there who wants to meet that one special person in there life give this online dating site a chance and for sure you will find a mate for life



The conception of a child is always a miracle. From this tiny cell will divide into pieces and later one form into one single perfect human being. Its no secret that we have been trying for another baby to add to our family. Our youngest is already 16 months old and it would be great if they would only have a 2 years gap in between. On the other hand Ralph's nephew is expecting his first baby boy this coming August. Andrew has gone so much over the past year and finally has his life back on track. He has more to look forward to now that his going to be a dad. He should think about the future of the baby by looking into cord blood banking with Cryo Cell International. Its a safety net for his children to come. A baby's umbilical cord is rich in stem cells that have been proven to help cure a lot of diseases. Andrew's girlfriend Wendy has an older daughter who is 8 years old. Opting to store the coming baby's stem cells could one day save his sister's life and even his own parents. Its a miracle to give birth to a baby and it would be another miracle to save another. If you are like Ralph's nephew and is expecting a child be it your first or second or third dont forget to look into cord blood banking and enroll now, your child's life could be saved.


Again last night we decided to put both girls in Kaitlyn's room this time. I was the one to put the two girls to sleep since Ralph had to take a nap to prepare for his work early this morning. I was dreading again about sleeping in our bed since the last time i still ended up sleeping with the kids. Last night Ralph again ask me " hun, where are you going to sleep?" and i told him i was going to try and let them sleep by themselves again. I slept like crap last night, waking up every hour listening if Kaitlyn woke up or something. I even woke up Ralph an hour early for him to get to work, he ended up going back to sleep. Finally the alarm went off and Ralph got ready for work, when he was about to leave he gave me a kiss and i said to him " hun, i made it", meaning i slept in our bed the whole night, lol. I know its a weird sleeping arrangement bu this time I'm dead serious about separating myself from sleeping with Kaitlyn. I passed the first test and i hope i will pass the rest.


Marriage is the union of two individual souls that promise to love and to hold until death do them part. Planning a wedding is a big deal, it takes time, creativity,ingenuity and stress. Wedding can be overwhelming and without knowing it your already over your head with details.It specially stressful for everyone if you don't know what your doing let alone try to plan a wedding on your own. In today economy not all people can afford a wedding planner to take care of each details in the wedding be it small or big. Nowadays couples that are soon to be married can prepare ahead of time with fast wedding planning checklist.Its not only a checklist of what to get, to do and how to prepare but it also gives tips on how to have a beautiful wedding. If your planning your own or your friends wedding this is the most helpful tool that you can get for yourself or for them.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Have you noticed that we , the law and the world have double standards when it comes to certain things? Some are more acceptable and forgivable when it comes to the mistakes and choices that we make.

INFIDELITY * wikipedia * - Can be defined as any violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules of boundaries of a relationship, and is a breach of faith in an interpersonal relationship.

When a woman commits adultery she is branded with a scarlet letter proclaiming her sinful act but when it comes to a man committing adultery "its due to him just being a man". That is just plain preposterous and damn right wrong. A sin is a sin no matter how you look at it. Its wrong to make excuses just because of someones gender. What is so different from a woman committing adultery versus a man? Why do we as a society more accepting and more forgiving to a man committing adultery? What is your say in it?


Growing up in a small town had its advantages, everybody knows everybody. There was more clean fresh air, plenty of fresh fruits. Having a paternal grandparents that owns a construction and supply business was fun, we got to play with wood and we also had each dump trucks named after us, how cool was that. Now almost all my uncles and aunts on my dad's side of the family are involved in the constructions business and they are all successful at it. A couple of my cousins are engineers to help out there parents with the business. One summer i got to visit one of my uncles construction site and it was magnificent. You see this piece of land buzzing with activities from people hammering to men using heavy equipment to do the job. There was an equipment for digging, dump trucks and backhoes. It was a dangerous place for someone like me who had no idea how things worked. My uncle gave me a quick tour and showed me how each equipment works. He also stressed out the importance of getting hogg davis trailers
since they are the best in heavy equipment. And like my uncle said if you want a construction job done fast, clean, smooth and right getting the best heavy equipment is the key. Owning an equipment like these are easy since they have a rent-to-purchase plan with a wide range of equipments available to choose from. Working with the best will finish the job done in no time.


For almost a weeks i haven't had decent sleep. After doing my blog and drops at night Ralph usually challenges me to a game of golf or bowling on the Wii game. We would end up going to sleep after midnight which is not good since i have to wake up at 6:45 in the morning on school days. At first i was wondering why my eyes was always burning and it just felt dry. My eyes was telling me i needed it rest and not stay on the computer to long or sleeping late. We have also been trying to have both girls sleep in the same room. The other day was in Kaitlyn's room after Kayla woke up i just told her to sleep in baby sister's room and she did. Last night they slept in Kayla's room this time. Kayla woke up around 2 am and went in our room, Ralph had to put her back in her room with Kaitlyn.

I have been a mess for the last couple of days, i just found out I'm the one that needs to wean myself from sleeping with Kaitlyn. I couldn't sleep thinking she was not beside me. Those two days that both girls sleep together i ended up sleeping with them. Ralph is amused that I'm sleeping beside him in the bed and the next I'm gone. I'm a mother and i worry about Kaitlyn and i just get more sleep knowing they are beside me.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Having perfect flawless skin is every woman's desire. Women have tried to achieve flawless skin by using different products just to help reach that goal. As i teenager i was lucky to have clear skin but unfortunately for my cousin she had a bad case of Acne that covered almost all her face. I guess it was hereditary since her dad's side of the family tend to have break outs now and then but hers was much worse. Having acne affected her socially since she got so shy and inferior about her skin and before long it affected her self confidence. It was terrible for her entering the world of college life with her face covered in acne. Getting her aNatural Acne Treatment was one of the things we had looked into being that she also has sensitive skin. Finding the right treatment for ones skin is hard specially if you don't know what your skin type is. The key is to an Acne Treatments that works for your skin type and is easily applied to the face. A treatment that works well beyond the outer skin but also under the layers of the skin preventing further acne break outs from happening. My cousin would surely benefit from a treatment like that since she lives a hectic life and with her job as it tends to make her break outs from time to time. Controlling and preventing future breakouts is what ance treatment is all about.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


What have a i been doing lately aside from doing household stuff,watching Kaitlyn and blogging? I'm going crazy over Super Mario Galaxy Wii game, i can play with it the whole day! Gosh I'm really hooked into playing the game and i really want to finish and complete my mission and get all the stars. At first i really didn't know how it was played and i got frustrated telling Ralph he might as well return the game since its hard to play with. I tried it one more time and i finally got the hang of it. The game is very very fun, challenging and you have to be quick with your hands and eyes. Just yesterday i got so fed up loosing on this one part of the galaxy that i ended up searching on the net any walkthroughs, hints, cheats, secrets i could find and lo and behold i found this great site that even has a screen shot about the games. has all the walkthrough that i need to finish my game and hints on how to defeat the enemies. I know its a little bit of cheating but i just want to finish the game. I do try to play the game and get killed over and over again, that when i look at the hints and finally get to pass. So if your playing the Super Mario Galaxy check it out

Saturday, February 21, 2009


With the economy at its worst everything is changing. Ralph's brother Larry was trying out for the Police Academy and his interview with the Chief of Police was suppose to be on Monday. The other night Ralph found out that the Police Department is Postponing the Police Academy for how long he doesn't know. I just feel bad for my BIL since he poured in so much effort into driver back and forth from NJ to here, and only to find out his hard work was all for nothing. Wilmington Police should never have started recruiting if they were thinking about postponing it, I sure hope that Larry wont give up and he will try again the next time. Last night Ralph sat down with me and MIL to talk about our financial situation. He is very worried that we may not be able to make our bills for long. He just found out that the whole overtime jobs are to be suspended. Ralph depends on his long overtime to cover some of the bills, specially the mortgage of the house. We really need to start thinking about consolidation loans that would help us in the long run. Managing a household that lives on a one income is very hard. We are really going to start tightening our belts and watch our spending. Ralph and I need dept management to help get to a secure place were we don't have to worry about loosing our home and getting creditors off our back. Just as we were starting to get on track with handling our debt and improving our credit score then this things happen. It sucks when i cant do anything more financially to help. Still, both Ralph and I are still thankful that he still has a job, we just have to work out a plan to lessen our spending, no more eating out and buying unnecessary stuff that we don't need. Prioritizing the wants from the needs would be one of the key thing to do in order to save.


When your pregnant for the first time you try to prepare yourself for the day you will have your baby and held her in your arms. I prepared myself by reading books and watching television shows like A baby story, Little people big world, Adoption Stories anything that has something to do about having a baby. I watched as women go into labor and see the pain they are experiencing, that fear of complication and also emotion when a child is born. Watching those prepared me on what to expect and i also got some tips on how to manage pain, how to push, how to breastfeed, and not be afraid to ask your doctor questions. I was calm, quiet when i was in labor, i wanted to cry from the pain but i didnt want to embarass myself or worry both my MIL and husband. When i called my mom in the Philippines i was in pain and wanted her to hold me and just cry but i could not allow myself to make my mother worry. Ralph had trying and left but he came back after they broke my bag of water and he saw the birth of his second child. He and MIL were taking lots of picture to remind us of that wonderful day. Like most parents we took tons of picture of the baby while we were still at the hospital, when we came home and also the first time she had a bath here at home. I showed and sent all those pictures to my mom back home via the internet. All seemed fine until a couple of weeks after when our computer crashed and we lost everything. Those precious pictures of my baby gone. I was able to upload some of her picture on my social network site but it was still not enough. I should have thought about Online Backup in case things like this happened. Having a source where you can actually save all your files, data and pictures is a must. With sumobackup system you can access all your files faster, quicker and have easy recovery. I should have thought about this things before i lost everything.



Pictures of the girls with there daddy when we had a sleep over to celebrate our new King Size bed. Of course Kayla was so happy that we got a bigger bed so both she and baby sister could sleep with us from time to time. These are my girls, Kayla just had ice cream that's why her face is dirty i didn't get to wipe her face yet and baby sister drinking her "baba". Wonder why they are so behaved and not jumping up and down on the bed? They were both watching Blue's Clues and both girls enjoy watching it. And Kaitlyn wanted to snuggle with her big sister and Kayla loves it as well. As for daddy he is glad that we got a bad where the 4 of us can sleep comfortably. I'm just worried about Kaitlyn falling off the bed since the bed is high and she cant get down as easily as she did on our last bed.


What do most mother's or parents do to a baby? Is it just to cuddle, feed or change them? Nope, parents love doing dress up to enhance the baby's features and make him/her more cuter. As a mother i know that for a fact when women find out they are pregnant they start looking at baby clothes when they get to the store. It does not matter if the sex of the baby is a boy or a girl, what matters is that they will be well dressed. I love picking out clothes for my daughter when she was younger and i loved dressing her up in style. She would have looked so cute and adorable in these onesies. What i love about this one is the color and the words " Does this diaper make my butt look big?" its just hilarious, babies tend to look like they have big butts with the diaper. Since she cant talk all she has to do is show off her shirt and I'm sure everyone who sees and reads it will crack up laughing. Looking at onesies reminds me so much of when my baby was younger not even walking, crawling or talking yet.

As a toddler, she is more active, funny and very very intelligent. Lately for the past days i have been playing dress up with her. She loves to wear dresses,put on her shoes and have her hair done even if were just in the house. The Retro Baby has this cute cookie monster rainbow dress that will be just perfect for her. I cant wait when it starts to get a little bit warmer so she can wear cool outfits that say something.


What is something big that im expecting this year 2009? Thats' very simple, another baby a new addition to our family. We have been trying to have another baby for more than a year now and every month it gets harder and harder to accept that im not pregnant yet. Still we are hoping and waiting for the right time and when it does we will be blessed yet again. Now that i have said my piece i would like to invite my readers to join another cash and entrecard credit extravaganza. I actually got a msg from the person responsible for this great contest. Before i forget im doing it now, who knows this time around ill be lucky. How about you care to try your luck? here are the rules and regulations of the contest.


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Friday, February 20, 2009


Every single day i worry about my mother's health. Before she reached the age of 40 she had already gone one thyroid operation removal and hysterectomy. At first she didn't believe us when we told her that she looked like she had thyroid problem until the doctor confirmed it. It was decided that it had to come out and she is only left with one thyroid now. To make matter more complicated she also had a hysterectomy to remove the Cyst found in her uterus. Now, her hormones are really out of sync. She experiences a lot of things like, hot flushes, hair loss, weight increase and she is always tired with little energy. Taking the pills is not enough to replace her imbalance hormones, bioidentical hormone replacement could be the solution that my mother is looking for. Ever since the Hysterectomy my mother has gained a lot of weight and she attributed it to the imbalance in her hormones. I use to think that she was just making it as an excuse for gaining a lot of weight and blamed poor eating habits. Having the proper hormone replacement will surely improve my mother's way of life, she wont be stuck in the home all the time. She will finally be able to enjoy a younger looking skin, healthy hair, maintain her hot flushes and most of all improve her sex life. And i hope my mom will finally be back to her old self before her operation as she would call it ( complete).


Kaitlyn's hair has been in her eyes for some time now and i dragged my feet about cutting her hair. Finally i got the courage to cut her hair, i was actually cutting my hair while we were taking a bath. She didn't flinch when i cut her bangs but i butchered her hair, I cut it to short. It will grow back anyway, the important thing is that its not going in her eyes. She still looks beautiful anyway, long hair, with or without bangs. Pardon the face since she just finished eating a chocolate graham cracker.


Its tax season and time to file if you haven't done yours yet. We have already filed ours and gotten our refund. Ralph and I talked about getting a wii fit so we could all enjoy and have fun. Its an interactive game that allows you to move your body and with the wii fit, you can have fun while doing your exercise. We love ours and we have been playing with it every single day. MIL have already lost a few pounds from using the wii fit and keeping track of her weight. As for our family friend in England i encouraged her to get one for her family so they can have a family night of fun like we do. Getting the best deals for a wii fit console or any accessories can be found at gamestock, check it out and you could be next to get your groove on.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Speaking about blogs and layout have you checked out my other blog? I just had a layout overhaul to make it look prettier and more organized. I have been blogging since August of last year and so far so good i have survived. For those who want to start blogging and want to host your blog but have no idea which one is the best just give this a look : dedicated server.You will eventually find a good web hosting guide for you.


Whats with PR? This main blog of mine has not gotten any pr as of yet however my other blog Mama's Sanity got pr2 then lost it when i transferred it to my new domain. Could someone please help me understand why when i check my URL using the blogspot account i get a ranking of pr2 on both blogs but when i check using my URL domain i have none. I have no idea how this works and it sucks not getting a PageRank. Getting a pr would mean more opps for me to write but hey i guess i cant have everything i want right?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Did you ever wish you looked different and had fascinations for a certain skin color or hair? I have, back home in the Philippines having fair, white skin is the in thing and that most of our lotions have whitening agents. Yes, from a tropical country rich in sun and warmth. Our people love to have lighter skin like most foreigners. Going back i have always admired redheads, what is it about redheads that i admire? The color of the hair, skin and just the vibrant and extra zest in a redheads personality. I think redheads are beautiful and just a rare breed. Blonds are a dime a dozen but red heads are truly unique and they stand out in the crowd. I don't see as much red heads as i would like but when i do see one i automatically envy the color of there hair and i often wonder if he/she has a spitfire of personality. For people who wants to meet a redheadslike them this is for you guys. We have seen a lot of social networks from Friendster,to multiply to face book. Now is the time for the redheads to shine with a social network exclusively for them. Tired of looking for people that don't match you or even come close to your personal preference will just be a thing of the past. Connect with redheads and start repopulating the world with the beauty of RED.


Valentines Day was spent a little different this year. Woke up in the morning with the girls hunkering for breakfast. Didn't get to sleep in and have my little mini vacation when they started waking up early. It would have been fine if they didn't start horsing around and playing with me. We went down and as i was walking down the steps i was a tad bit dissappointed, Ralph didn't get get me anything for Valentines and our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. I was surprised when we finally got to the kitchen, laid out on the table were 4 cards, 3 boxes of heart chocolates, 3 heart m&m's. I first opened and read Kayla's Valentines card from her daddy, next was mine. I got 2 cards and it was so very very sweet and lastly we open Kaitlyn's card from her dad. Ralph was sleeping upstairs, i told Kayla as soon as she finishes her breakfast we will make a card for there Daddy. The cards were finally made and we all trooped back upstairs to surprise sleeping daddy. The look on Ralph's face when he saw his two angels giving him their homemade cards even Kaitlyn was the best Valentines he ever got. Even Kaitlyn knew that the card she was holding was for daddy and gave it to him.

We had plans to go out to dinner with just Ralph and I to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. MIL was left with the kids but we had to wait for our new bed to be delivered first before leaving and it arrived just on time. As soon as the bed was all set up we left for HIBACHI, a Japanese steak and sushi bar in New Castle. We had a good time and we were stuffed. Ralph didn't get to catch a shrimp with his mouth but we sure did enjoy ourselves and had a good time.

Monday, February 16, 2009


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Saturday, February 14, 2009


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A Happy Love Day to everyone. Its also our 2nd wedding anniversary and i just want to say to my husband thank you for loving me and out children. Daddy gave us all a car and chocolate this morning. We were shocked to come downstairs and find them in the kitchen table waiting for us. Daddy and I are just going out to eat dinner and come right back to spend time with the kids, after all Valentines day is not just for lovers but for everyone you love.

Friday, February 13, 2009


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


At least 3 days more to go and it's going to be Valentines. I am sure like everyone we try to celebrate that day with much love and affection. As on previous post Valentines is also our wedding anniversary, 2 years of a good marriage. Its not perfect by any means but we are happy and in love. It was a good think Ralph's Sergeant at work let him have his day off this Saturday knowing that it was our second anniversary. We have plans of going out to dinner with just him and me while the kids are being baby sat my MIL. Its been a while that Ralph and I have gone out to dinner or lunch on a date. As most women single, dating or married we try to make the best out of Valentines by surprising our special loved ones. Some of our husbands or boyfriends don't have the interest to be intimate due to stress and work. Libido Podcast is the answer to improving our libido as well as our loved ones. Yes there are times that work, money problem, stress and family take a toll on our libido. For people who wants to go all natural, Whole Food Market is our answer. They have released a podcast about ideas and tips on how to improve female or male libido with the consumption of herbs and supplement. Ralph and I need a boost in intimate life but we don't want to take any medications that could affect our chances of getting pregnant. In this way we to try the natural way with herbs and medicinal plants like Maca, Horney Goat Weed and Rhodiola that helps boost a healthy sexual drive. I'm sure with these tips and herbs in mind doing the work of conceiving will be a fun experience.


Whew, i never thought that cookies were so heavy, after carting half of the 42 girl scout cookies from the car to the house my back is busted. Its a good thing it wasnt so cold last night or it would have stopped me from going outside. As you Ralph is the Daisy Girl Scout cookie master and now our house is full of cookies. The Daisy Troop Leader Ericka dropped off the cookies last night, as we were carting the boxes in the house i said to myself " that's why cookies make you fat, there heavy". We still have the rest of the boxes from Monday's orders and i hope we can get rid of them fast coz my kids playroom looks like a cookie and box store. Good think Kaitlyn doesn't really know that cookies are inside of those boxes or else she will be all over it. She loves cookies and surprisingly the Girl Scout cookies are not bad. So far i have only tasted the short bread and the tagalongs, here are the list.

Girl Scout Cookies :
  • Trefoils - Old fashioned short break cookies
  • Thin Mints
  • Tagalongs - Peanut butter patties
  • Do-si-dos - Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Samoas
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Lemon Chalet Cremes

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Are you living a healthy life? Personally, i don't think our family lives a healthy lifestyle, we don't watch what we eat and i think i don't give enough of the right kind of foods to my kids. With Ralph's work he has a very bad eating habit which leads him to get frequent heart burns plus he also smokes. As for me, i don't eat as much vegetable and i love eating sweet and salty foods, in short we have a very poor eating habit. Its not just about the eating habit for me, its also about how i spend the rest of my day. Exercise is one of the major things that Ralph and I have no time and we don't even want to think about it. Its hard keeping up with a good exercise routine and having healthy eating habits when you don't know what its all about or even where to start. Skinny and the City offers free newsletter for questions about healthy eating, how to stay fit, healthy recipes and much more. They will even answer whatever questions you may have for free. The newsletter is about sharing with you ideas on how to live a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing on activities that you love doing. With this newsletter it will keep me updated and inform me of how to keep healthy and beauty while doing my own thing. This is a good source of information for me since i don't go out and the advice I'm getting are from women from different walks of life,a mom, a career woman, even a single woman. Sign up for the news letter today and start changing your lifestyle for the better, I am.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Pictures were taken outside yesterday. It was such a ridiculously wonderful weather that i just could not resist taking Kaitlyn out to our backyard. She had on a red dress with her pink sweater. She looked so cute and was so happy to be out of the house and be able to run around and enjoy. The first two pictures where taken on our deck while she was on her big sisters bicycle, it hers now since its to small for big sister. The second pictures was of her getting down the deck and heading to the swing set. She loves the swing set and would stay there for hours if we let her. Getting out yesterday also allowed me and MIL to pick up the dog poop scattered around in the backyard. Thank God Ralph was not there to see all of those poop or else he would have a fit. He hates the thought of the dog pooping on the grass since the girls will be running around in the backyard this summer. We still have not finished picking all of those up but with today weather again I'm sure ill go to it.

As for the last picture that is of Kaitlyn crying her eyes out and throwing her temper tantrum when told it was time to go inside. She was out there for more than an hour and she did not want to come in and was not hesitant about letting me and MIMA" grandma" know her disappointment and anger.


There is nothing better than to enjoy your morning refresh, happy and with a big smile. Starting the day with a positive outlook can really change the course of how you want to feel that day. And being that laughter is the best medicine check out Kerin Haydenmusic video for some funny song to start your day. What if something like that really came along, would i become the own me girl? Sing along and dance if you want and ask yourself do you think you can be owned? If yes here are some of the things your man should be doing to own you. Its just for laugh so enjoy and think about it who knows you may know someone like her,lol.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I got this tag from Meridith's Place i couldnt resist but grab the tag since it was about our first born. I just hope i remembered everything,hehehe.. But here goes nothing.........

nope, we didnt think i was going to get pregnant that quick.

yes, it was 5 days after we got married that we found out i was pregnant.

I was confused, in denial, happy,excited,scared all at the same time. I was just not expecting it but i was really really happy and fell in love with the baby inside of me already.

It never was and never will be.


Before we got married i had suspected i was pregnant but it wasnt until 5 days after our wedding that we got the pregnancy kit test.

Ralph since he was downstairs but kept shouting asking what the result was.

Yes, Ralph and I had a bet and of course i lost.

Oct 22, 2007 Ralph's birthday

YESSSSSSSS! I was so miserable the 1st trimester.

Bacon, peaches, filipino foods, chocolate and a lot more.

certain people, commercials, and i was very sensitive to smell even my own husband,hehe.

Female, a girl

nope but i thought i was carrying a boy but Ralph was looking forward to a girl. MIL however was disappointed since she wanted a boy but now,she loves Kaitlyn to death.

i totally forgot but i think i didnt gain more than 40

yes and no. It was my birthday and i threw my own baby shower, i didnt have any close friends near yet and i wanted my relatives to give me something for my baby instead of something for me.

i planned it,heheheheh.. I you want to grab this tag please do so

none what so ever.

St. Francis, Delaware

all in all 12-13 hours but hard labour about 9 hours.

Ralph my husband

Ralph and my mother in law Caroline

Natural birth

Does epidural count?heheh of course i got medication it was like i was bieng ripped apart with the contraction and after the baby just took pain reliever for a couple of days.

6 lbs 9 oz.

Oct 22, 2007 on her Daddy's birthday

Kaitlyn Hope - Kaitlyn since her big sister has a letter K in her name and hope because she was my hope.

15 months going on 30


As a parent do you just buy any toys you see that your kids might like to play with regardless of the quality of the product? Ralph is such a tickler for reviews on quality and would only buy toys that are of good quality. One of the makers of quality toys have come up with an even better MEGA Brands Kids Zone where the kids can now go online and see different activities that they can play with the whole family. And neatest thing about the MEGA Brands is there Kids Zone, an online game exclusively dedicated for the kids. Its fun, safe, and easy to maneuver with great graphics. I'm sure any kid would want to play a game online be it slaying dragons, on a quest, battles, shooting and racing they have it. This is a great online game for kids where the parents get to watch what there kids are playing and can even join in the fun playing against them. My 5 year old will surely love this site and would be playing the shooting game. I have checked out the site, even played a game or two and its really fun. If i had fun I'm sure my little one will love playing the games online and will even be telling her friends. Mega brands are not only the makers of quality toys but they are the pioneers when it comes to a new exciting fun way of playing and interacting with the whole family.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Do you have a habit of reading while doing your business in the toilet? Well guess who i found reading while in the bathroom, Kaitlyn. Her daddy put her on the potty seat and gave her a magazine. He was laughing so hard calling out to me to check out what the little one was doing. He just thought she would rip the magazines but she was actually trying to read it and was pointing out to the pictures. At least she did what she had to do while sitting there. Were not officially potty training her just yet, we will do that this summer. We just let her seat of the potty if she wants to and 10 out of 10 she will. As soon as i open the bathroom door she heads for her potty seat on the side of the sink, she would get the seat and put it on top of the toilet. I should take a video of that next time. She is really growing up and day by day she will need me less and less.


As a new blogger i had to figure out some things on my own and some things from word of mouth. I didn't even have a clue about web hosting let alone how to find the best one out there. Finding the best among best is not hard if you know what kind of web hostingyou are looking for. There is the free web hosting where it allows even the inexperienced beginners to create a website, shared hosting where you have different websites only one server, dedicated hosting where everything is based on your individual needs and reseller hosting for webmasters looking to earn cash using there websites. For a blogger like me you would want to check out that was chosen as the best blog hosting. You can get all the information you want from general information down to site building tools. Check it out and find the best hosting place for you.


This is the very first time i have posted a tag award given by me, lol. I honestly could not figure out how to blog or write something about. I really thought it was such a complicated task to do and i was also lazy to do it. To all those who have tagged me with an award thank you and im sorry i was not able to post about it here before.

I got this award from over fron VHING OF Survivor: the Reality of my Life and here as some of the rules that goes with the award

The Rules:
1.) Put the logo in your post.
2.) Write 5 things you are passionate about aside from blogging.
3.) Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them. Have fun blogging guys, and enjoy and don't forget to pass or tag your friends whom you think are passionate bloggers :-)

  1. Kids - they are my world
  2. Family - they are my life, the air that i breathe.
  3. Reading - love reading romantic, fictional and just about anything that peaks my interest
  4. Window shopping - since i cant afford to go shopping ill settle for the lesser evil,lol just looking.
  5. Blogging - to express myself and earn a little cash here and there.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Like most women i dread about getting wrinkles and just plain looking old. Most women like to believe that we can stay young, look young and still retain that youthful glow. Women have gone to some drastic procedures from taking medications, putting creams and even plastic surgery just to have that same youthful look again. Nowadays the most common non-invasive cosmetic surgery is Botox. The Botox injection temporarily paralysis the muscles that we use on our faces daily and help smooth out those wrinkles to create a natural refresh look. The botox courses is a cosmetic surgeons hottest must haves. It is the most comprehensive new DVD that was compiled and made by top Beverly hills surgeon, Dolores Kent M.D. with 20 years experience. Its a instructional video of new techniques, how Botox works, how to store and reconstitute, precautions on injection sites, guidelines of the neck and facial anatomy. The whole Instructional DVD can be purchased at Videoshelf for a reasonable price of $175 plus shipping and handling.

Botox Injection Video

Botox Training | Botox Injections


My red Dell Laptop Computer, now i can get online if someone else is using the desktop computer. I take precious care of Ralph's gift to me that i don't use it all the time, lol. Ralph keeps asking why i don't use my laptop and i would usually reply " i love my laptop that's why I'm not using it, if i didn't love it, i would be using it all the time". He gets confuse and doesn't understand why i don't use it. The other reason is we have wireless router and every time i use the laptop our Internet connection gets out of whack. We keep getting disconnected from the Internet and its such a pain. The only time i use it is when both Ralph and I are upstairs in bed, him watching television and me doing my post. I cant use it all the time since I'm always with the baby and she wants to use it as well. But i love it,lol.. Thank you daddy!!!


One thing that Ralph hates about surfing and browsing on the web is the pop up advertisements. It distracts him and sometimes it just takes over the whole screen and before you know it your in several different sites. Before our computer crashed we were getting a lot of pop-ups and advert displaying programs that ultimately brought the early death of our computer. If your like my husband and just hate those annoying pop-ups you have got to Try Ad Muncher now.Its a newest ad blocker software that blocks ads in almost any browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and many more. When you try the free trial download this is what you will be getting: kills unwanted pop ups, removes advertising in programs, works immediately out of the box, blocks many spyware, adware and dialer installer,filters quickly and reliably, Speeds up loading and protects your privacy. Check it out and download the free trial and you will browse and surf without those annoying pop ups ever again.


This was Kaitlyn at between 6-7 months old. I saw a friend of mine put her grandson in a a plastic tub,it was early summer of last year. It was a good idea for the kids to cool down in the hot sweltering summer weather. We still haven't bought a blow up pool that time for the kids. I had to put warm water in the tub so Kaitlyn wouldn't be cold and got her bath seat so she could sit there without falling. She looks so different here and still baby looking. I miss this times, i wish she would be that small again.


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Its that time of the month again where i get to thank my Top Droppers. I have already changed the top dropper from last month to this month. Thank you to the following who have been dropping by constantly :


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