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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Finally after two years of waiting and putting off my Adjustment of Status for very legitimate reasons i am finally going to have my biometrics tomorrow. My appointment is at Dover at 9:00 am in the morning. Ralph had to take the day off to drive me there and were gonna have to drop of Kayla at her friends house shortly before 7:30 am so she will walk with them to the bus stop. I already told Kayla that she will have to walk with them to the bus stop in the morning so i could get my I.D. and she bought it. I told her that daddy had to drive me since i don't know how to drive but when i get my Status done ill finally be able to learn driving and get a licence. And i could take her and baby sister out to the mall. I'm excited about tomorrow, the only thing is i have to wake up earlier than usual to get ready and both girls ready. Wish me luck tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Goodluck sa imu biometrics dear, hope dali ra abot imu green card arn kauli nata ani pinas hehehe.
grab my tag for you melody for fun.

anne said...

wow good luck girl, hehehe pasakya unya ko if you know na how to drive ha? hehehe joke!

Anonymous said...

Can I ask if you had to pay a penalty for filing late?

I filed mine last September 2008, and they've scheduled my interview for April 20 yet.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Good Luck mommy Lods. Mine will be on Monday! :)

LODS said...

hi anonymous,

nope, we didnt pay any late filing fees. my husband went to the immigration office and asked what we were suppose to do and they assured him i was not going to be deported or anything. Since we got married within the 90 days i am officially a wife of an American Citizen and beside there is no law that Adjustment of Status should be done after how many days or so on. I just got my biometrics done today but im just waiting for my interview if ill ever have one.

hope that helped.



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