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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Pictures of the girls with there daddy when we had a sleep over to celebrate our new King Size bed. Of course Kayla was so happy that we got a bigger bed so both she and baby sister could sleep with us from time to time. These are my girls, Kayla just had ice cream that's why her face is dirty i didn't get to wipe her face yet and baby sister drinking her "baba". Wonder why they are so behaved and not jumping up and down on the bed? They were both watching Blue's Clues and both girls enjoy watching it. And Kaitlyn wanted to snuggle with her big sister and Kayla loves it as well. As for daddy he is glad that we got a bad where the 4 of us can sleep comfortably. I'm just worried about Kaitlyn falling off the bed since the bed is high and she cant get down as easily as she did on our last bed.


Anonymous said...

WOW... Love the new layout pretty cool looking!

Unfortantly I had to downgrade from a QUEEN to a FULL.. Eh its not too bad.. I kinda miss my spalled out feel that I had with the queen but lol that queen bed would eat up my whole room rofl since my room here at this new house is smaller. =[

Hope your doing ok upt here in cold DE and not too snowed in :PPPP

--- Christopher


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