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Saturday, February 21, 2009


When your pregnant for the first time you try to prepare yourself for the day you will have your baby and held her in your arms. I prepared myself by reading books and watching television shows like A baby story, Little people big world, Adoption Stories anything that has something to do about having a baby. I watched as women go into labor and see the pain they are experiencing, that fear of complication and also emotion when a child is born. Watching those prepared me on what to expect and i also got some tips on how to manage pain, how to push, how to breastfeed, and not be afraid to ask your doctor questions. I was calm, quiet when i was in labor, i wanted to cry from the pain but i didnt want to embarass myself or worry both my MIL and husband. When i called my mom in the Philippines i was in pain and wanted her to hold me and just cry but i could not allow myself to make my mother worry. Ralph had trying and left but he came back after they broke my bag of water and he saw the birth of his second child. He and MIL were taking lots of picture to remind us of that wonderful day. Like most parents we took tons of picture of the baby while we were still at the hospital, when we came home and also the first time she had a bath here at home. I showed and sent all those pictures to my mom back home via the internet. All seemed fine until a couple of weeks after when our computer crashed and we lost everything. Those precious pictures of my baby gone. I was able to upload some of her picture on my social network site but it was still not enough. I should have thought about Online Backup in case things like this happened. Having a source where you can actually save all your files, data and pictures is a must. With sumobackup system you can access all your files faster, quicker and have easy recovery. I should have thought about this things before i lost everything.



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