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Saturday, February 21, 2009


With the economy at its worst everything is changing. Ralph's brother Larry was trying out for the Police Academy and his interview with the Chief of Police was suppose to be on Monday. The other night Ralph found out that the Police Department is Postponing the Police Academy for how long he doesn't know. I just feel bad for my BIL since he poured in so much effort into driver back and forth from NJ to here, and only to find out his hard work was all for nothing. Wilmington Police should never have started recruiting if they were thinking about postponing it, I sure hope that Larry wont give up and he will try again the next time. Last night Ralph sat down with me and MIL to talk about our financial situation. He is very worried that we may not be able to make our bills for long. He just found out that the whole overtime jobs are to be suspended. Ralph depends on his long overtime to cover some of the bills, specially the mortgage of the house. We really need to start thinking about consolidation loans that would help us in the long run. Managing a household that lives on a one income is very hard. We are really going to start tightening our belts and watch our spending. Ralph and I need dept management to help get to a secure place were we don't have to worry about loosing our home and getting creditors off our back. Just as we were starting to get on track with handling our debt and improving our credit score then this things happen. It sucks when i cant do anything more financially to help. Still, both Ralph and I are still thankful that he still has a job, we just have to work out a plan to lessen our spending, no more eating out and buying unnecessary stuff that we don't need. Prioritizing the wants from the needs would be one of the key thing to do in order to save.



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