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Sunday, February 22, 2009


What have a i been doing lately aside from doing household stuff,watching Kaitlyn and blogging? I'm going crazy over Super Mario Galaxy Wii game, i can play with it the whole day! Gosh I'm really hooked into playing the game and i really want to finish and complete my mission and get all the stars. At first i really didn't know how it was played and i got frustrated telling Ralph he might as well return the game since its hard to play with. I tried it one more time and i finally got the hang of it. The game is very very fun, challenging and you have to be quick with your hands and eyes. Just yesterday i got so fed up loosing on this one part of the galaxy that i ended up searching on the net any walkthroughs, hints, cheats, secrets i could find and lo and behold i found this great site that even has a screen shot about the games. has all the walkthrough that i need to finish my game and hints on how to defeat the enemies. I know its a little bit of cheating but i just want to finish the game. I do try to play the game and get killed over and over again, that when i look at the hints and finally get to pass. So if your playing the Super Mario Galaxy check it out


eden said...

this is a good site to check out. we are fond of playing wii too. in fact, we become so addicted to it . but unfortunately, we dont have that mario galaxy games. what we are playing so often is mario and sonic in the olympic games. i am more inclined to get that game you mentioned. i think the kids would love it too. :)



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