The Designers Chic

Friday, February 6, 2009


As a parent do you just buy any toys you see that your kids might like to play with regardless of the quality of the product? Ralph is such a tickler for reviews on quality and would only buy toys that are of good quality. One of the makers of quality toys have come up with an even better MEGA Brands Kids Zone where the kids can now go online and see different activities that they can play with the whole family. And neatest thing about the MEGA Brands is there Kids Zone, an online game exclusively dedicated for the kids. Its fun, safe, and easy to maneuver with great graphics. I'm sure any kid would want to play a game online be it slaying dragons, on a quest, battles, shooting and racing they have it. This is a great online game for kids where the parents get to watch what there kids are playing and can even join in the fun playing against them. My 5 year old will surely love this site and would be playing the shooting game. I have checked out the site, even played a game or two and its really fun. If i had fun I'm sure my little one will love playing the games online and will even be telling her friends. Mega brands are not only the makers of quality toys but they are the pioneers when it comes to a new exciting fun way of playing and interacting with the whole family.



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