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Friday, February 20, 2009


Its tax season and time to file if you haven't done yours yet. We have already filed ours and gotten our refund. Ralph and I talked about getting a wii fit so we could all enjoy and have fun. Its an interactive game that allows you to move your body and with the wii fit, you can have fun while doing your exercise. We love ours and we have been playing with it every single day. MIL have already lost a few pounds from using the wii fit and keeping track of her weight. As for our family friend in England i encouraged her to get one for her family so they can have a family night of fun like we do. Getting the best deals for a wii fit console or any accessories can be found at gamestock, check it out and you could be next to get your groove on.


Anonymous said...

Maayo pa mo you get a refund us, we have to pay back bummer!lol
Seems like your family melody having so much fun with that wii, thats great more bonding moment.


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