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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


One thing that Ralph hates about surfing and browsing on the web is the pop up advertisements. It distracts him and sometimes it just takes over the whole screen and before you know it your in several different sites. Before our computer crashed we were getting a lot of pop-ups and advert displaying programs that ultimately brought the early death of our computer. If your like my husband and just hate those annoying pop-ups you have got to Try Ad Muncher now.Its a newest ad blocker software that blocks ads in almost any browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and many more. When you try the free trial download this is what you will be getting: kills unwanted pop ups, removes advertising in programs, works immediately out of the box, blocks many spyware, adware and dialer installer,filters quickly and reliably, Speeds up loading and protects your privacy. Check it out and download the free trial and you will browse and surf without those annoying pop ups ever again.


Davida said...

Those pop ups can be really annoying. It's good to have programs out there to prevent this.



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